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December 2012

The Dark Side of Wearing a lot of Black

1. You look awkward in the sun 2. You look likelier to commit a murder 3. Fuzzy pets can ruin your outfit 4. People may refer to you as “goth” 5. It is harder to find you at night or in a crowd 6. It is impossible to find that specific black shirt in your closet 7. You fear your clothes becoming grey 8. Forget eating anything with powdered sugar 9. People may assume you[...]

Coconut Oil Benefits

There's a lot to be said about coconut oil benefits, because there are so many uses, you'll want to get a jar for your kitchen and your bathroom and your desk and--I could go on. Okay, first things first, a lot of moisturizers and soaps have mineral oil in them, what's so bad about mineral oil? Well, if the phrase "by-product of petroleum" doesn't scare you, then consider that the skin does not abs[...]

Inspired by the Past: Steve McQueen Style

The simple and refined look of Steve McQueen style has a timeless quality to it. Few other candidates can make sporting a neutral turtleneck look as stately, let alone flattering. We’re huge advocates of taking a page out of the McQueen book of style. McQueen’s classic appearance is anchored in quiet elegance, a certain simplicity that allowed the details to create a moderate presentation. In[...]

Cheers for New Years!

What comes to mind when you think about New Years? Booze? Kisses? Mistakes? Okay, well, besides that. How about glitter. I am the daughter of a glitterholic, almost everything she owns is a sparkly bedazzled eye sore, so my repulsion for the stuff runs deep. I do make one exception though, New Years. To me, this is a chance to really let your inner disco Liberace show through. To get you inspired, h[...]

Thrifting Tips: Part One.

Thrifting Tips - I grew up deal-hunting as a means of necessity as a kid, so finding things that I can work with is basically second nature to me at this point. It’s not always that simple though, and depending on where you live, thrift stores can vary with quality.Some people aren’t really into the whole thrifting thing either; the smells, 80’s hits, and customers can be off-putting. It is surel[...]

Aw Here it Goes: The Ankle Pants Trend

Looking through some of the 2013 Pre-Fall fashion show photos, it seems as though one of my favorite looks is going to be allover the town next year. Juicy Couture, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Rachel Comey have revealed that our beloved cigarette jeans are getting a tad shorter in 2013. The ankle pants trend is something you'll see dating back to the 1950's, along with coiffed curls, scarves, and cat-eye glas[...]