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February 2013

Fashion Icon: Iris van Herpen

Born June 5, 1984 to a small town in the Netherlands, Iris van Herpen took  an interest to dance and fashion in her formative years. She attended the Preparatory Course for Art & Design in Artez, where she graduated in 2006 in fashion design. Iris also  interned with Alexander McQueen in London which helped her hone in on her artistic vision of fashion. After her internship, she designed shoes fo[...]

Fashion Icon: Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane (pronounced: Edi - Slie - man) was born July 5, 1968 in the 19th arrondisement of Paris to Italian and Tunisian parents. As a young boy, he quickly became fascinated with photography, something that would stay with him throughout his life. Around the age of 16, Hedi began making his own clothes, but wasn't yet drawn into the world of fashion and design--it was simply a means to an end. He[...]

Fashion Icon: Raf Simons

Raf Simons is a fashion designer born January 12, 1968 in Neerpelt, Belgium. As a teen he was influenced by electronic, new wave, and post-punk music like Kraftwerk and Joy Division. Originally, Simons went to school for industrial and furniture design but then after a trip to Paris Fashion Week, he decided to make clothing. One of the most prolific menswear designers of recent years, Simons is resp[...]

Do-It-Yourself: Weekender Shorts

Ready for spring? The change in temperature already has us excited to start dressing down our wardrobe. Get a head start on your look by recycling some of your winter wear. Weekender shorts are a chic way to dress for comfort with some personal flare. It’s a formal twist to the standard pair of cutoffs. Grab an old pair of pants you won’t mind destroying. We recommend pants that easily pair with[...]
Alexander Mcqueen Couture

Fashion Icon: Alexander McQueen

This British designer paired the whimsical with the macabre: creating a tidal wave within the fashion community and solidifying his place as one of the most influential artists of our time. Lee Alexander McQueen was born March 17, 1969 to a humble family in East London. As a boy, he quickly found himself making dresses for his sisters at a young age, and almost immediately declared he would be a fash[...]

The STCHD Guide to Designer Pronunciation

There's a lot of labels out there with really...colorful names. Many of the designers and  fashion houses are French and Italian--which is great, it makes for beautiful names, but sometimes, people aren't too sure how you're supposed to say it. Here is our no-frills guide to fashion designer pronunciation some of the trickier names, send us an email if we missed some you'd like to know! A Abaeté[...]

Hear This: Maria Minerva and LA Vampires, Season’s Change Estonian synth goddess teamed up with low-fi diva, LA Vampires for the Integration LP, which came out in 2012 on Not Not Fun records. Kind of weird house music,  kind of down-tempo, if Silverlake had a sound, this would be it. Fuzzy pop sounds are bountiful in this record, you can pretty much feel yourself getting lost in a cloud of late night haze, and li[...]