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April 2013

diy gifts for mom

5 Cheap and Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You're always thankful for your mom, she spawned your pink tiny amniotic covered ass, therefore destroying whatever life she had previously in order to take care of your pooping, crying, barfing face. So we thought we'd compile a list of cheap and unique DIY Mother's ย Day gift ideas, that are way better than a giftcard to red lobster or a pair of new slippers. None of these ideas require Martha Stewar[...]

KeraGreen Review

To kick off this KeraGreen review: everyone who doesn't have curly hair thinks it's the world's biggest blessing. On the contrary, curls are the bane of our existence for many of us poofy heads. While I've embraced my thick messy hair for most of my short years on this planet, there comes a time when you need to change things up, so naturally, Iย committedย hair rebellion: I started flat ironing my man[...]

Fashion Icon: Vivienne Westwood

SEX, punk, and activism: Dame Vivienne Westwood is one of those great British designers who have stepped out from the parameters of just simply a fashion designer. Like a fine wine, Westwood has created something of a punk legacy that has gotten even better with age. Vivienne Isabel Swire was born in Glossop, Derbyshire England on April 8, 1941 but soon moved to London in her late teens. She attende[...]

Evolution Store NYC

Well where else were you going to find raccoon penis bones in New York? The Evolution Store in New York is one of those super quirky little places that you just have to see for yourself. As someone who's into kind of, ahem, weird stuff, I was in heaven. Evolution Store isn't a fair departure from what one would expect to find at an aptly named place, its got everything from skeletal remnants of all[...]