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May 2013

Mercantile Vintage Phoenix

Talking Vintage with Shauna Thibault of Mercantile

Vintage is one of those buzzwords you can hear everywhere from Ikea to Urban Outfitters to Goodwill. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Shauna Thibault, owner, hairdresser, and stylist at Mercantile Vintage in Downtown Phoenix about the all these old clothes and what makes them so special. LC: So what got you into the vintage clothing and hairdressing realm? ST: I first got my cosmet[...]
Lush Gorilla Perfume

Kinda Sorta Obsessed: Lush’s New Gorilla Perfumes

So I went into Lush the other day to pick up a little vile of Imogen Rose perfume--little did I realize that those sales people are the creme-de-la-creme of sales people. When the woman asked me what kind of perfumes I liked I replied with something along the lines of incense and spicy scented smells. Her eyes lit up. Great. Here we go. She sat me down in the middle of the store and had me smell these[...]

Real Talk: Kelly Rowland’s Dirty Laundry

Why am I even talking about Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry? First, I think top 40 is great--in that it's so far gone from anything with substance or talent, that it's pretty much just laughable at this point. It does the job when you're looking for new neon bustiers at Forever 21 or at some sloppy bachelorette party. There's obviously a time and a place for it--well, to me at least. I just love how popu[...]
demeter fragrances

Demeter Fragrances Review

I remember being in a store several years ago, laughing about this bizarro display of perfumes; some of which were scented as rain, cookie, dough, and dirt--yes, dirt. I really wanted one, but I couldn't decide which ridiculous smell I should purchase. Flash forward to 2013, I randomly stumbled across this smell called Funeral Home from that same brand from before, Demeter Fragrances. Is Funeral Hom[...]

10 Stylish Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts With Style Need help finding a Father’s Day gifts worthy of dad? Every father will appreciate the type of gift that builds upon their seasoned style – something that acknowledges there’s more to his wardrobe than tattered Bob Seger shirts. These unique gifts will easily solve your Father’s Day dilemma with a certain bravura. Chuck Taylor Chuckout Shoes If your dad is mor[...]
cheap sexy summer skirts

5 Sexy Summer Skirts Worth Mentioning

Buying jeans is the crux of most people's existence, but, for me, finding a good skirt is a huge burden. They're always too short, too long, too colorful, too boring or just not in my size. So, now it's the weekend, it's hot as balls, I have a lust for cheap summer skirts, and I just got paid--it's time for... Some of the cutest ones I have come across today: 1. This adorable longer chiffon s[...]