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June 2013

soft metals tell me

Listen to This: Soft Metals

When I think back to a lot of retro-synthesized infused "-wave" music, it conjures up an entire set of feelings, which are somehow different from modern day sounds. While many bands claim that their music is a a complete throwback to the late 70's/early 80's era--or just completely ripping off bands like Depeche Mode or Absolute Body Control, Soft Metals have their own thing going for them. Wh[...]

Listen to This: True Widow

Stonegaze or Slowcore sounds like what happens after taking a huge hit of weed, but when you apply that sort of pseudo-label to Dallas band, True Widow, it makes sense. Sludgey/drudging guitars are offset by melodic vocals, often from Nicole Estill, who sounds on the brink of angelic at times. Although the band themselves don't take every aspect of their band quite as serious as some of their listeners[...]
makeup at costco

Costco’s Beauty’s Most Wanted Program

Costco, also known as: where to buy large quantities of things you don' t really need. I know I don't need 5 huge bags of pop chips, I know I don't need to buy these things, but it's cheap and it's awesome. If you live with roommates or a family, it can be a godsend to get that cheap toilet paper and a dollar-fifty hot dog. Costco's beauty's most wanted program comes in the wake of many high-end desig[...]
dangerous chemicals in sunscreen

Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen: Aren’t These Kind of Missing the Point Here?

Summer is here, you probably have your beach swag all ready to go: swimwear, sunglasses, towel, beach bag, a flask--the essentials. Before you grab the sunscreen though, have you looked at the label? Almost one-fourth of sunscreens contain harmful ingredients, many of which can cause--drum-roll please--cancer. So, while you're putting sunscreen on to avoid skin cancer and burns, you're risking cancer b[...]