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July 2013

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Stuff We Love: High Waist Bikinis

Not always the most flattering swimsuit in the ever evolving state of beach fashion, but certainly one of the cuter, and slightly more modest trends in 2013. Part granny panty, part sexy, and entirely retro; high waist bikinis are awesome. A great alternative for someone stuck in a rut as to what "type" of bathing suit to get, without having to opt for a tankini (yuck) or something equally drab. It's a[...]
elmo onesie

Uncomfortable: Weird Kids Show Clothing for Adults

I'm addicted to Adventure Time. It all started when I had to babysit a royal monster in 2010, who had the TV going 27/7 . It was the only thread of amicability we had, as he was pretty much the epitome of Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" song, and I was the humble shit-cleaner-upper--we could sit and laugh together, if only for a half-hour time slot. Fast-forward to 2013, I am now in my mid-20's and[...]
harness trend

Harness Your Bad Side with a Little Restraint

The body harness trend didn't really begin overnight with a barrage of women reading 50 Shades of Grey, it's been a staple in the goth and fetish scene for a while now. While it's still a bit of an eye-brow raiser, unfazed fashionistas around the globe have been throwing these devilishly controversial pieces in with their daily garb. Also referred to as body cages or bondage restraints, these "a[...]