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August 2013

Phillip Lim Target Dress

Hey! I Can Afford That: Phillip Lim for Target

As much as I enjoy designers who go crazy and turn a bowl full of chiffon and stale cookies into a masterpiece: sometimes less is more. Phillip Lim is one of those masters of the minimal. It's a simpler look; clean, but till fun at the same time. The dressy/casual looks are now coming to a store near you, Phillip Lim for Target will be released on September 15 ranging from $19.99 to $299.99 a piece. He[...]

Marc Jacobs Makeup Released Today at Sephora!

The highly anticipated Marc Jacobs makeup line was released today at Sephora! The fashion designer released 122 different products from foundation to nail polish and "boy tested, girl approved" products marketed to both sexes. Sephora did a product preview in late July and ended up selling out of all the Marc Jacobs products in a matter of hours.Β  Jacobs is not a fan of subdued, natural colors, so[...]

Stuff I’m Loving: First Week of August

This black and lace front baby-doll TFNC Dress from ASOS, because I would totally wear the shit out of this thing, especially if I plan on eating my weight in burritos. I think this would also look good with a skinny belt too. It's only $65 dollars too, which really isn't that bad, plus ASOS does free shipping and returns. Zevia soda. I am trying to weed out a lot of bad habits, including soda d[...]

Back to School Style: College Fashion

What is college fashion like? What do people wear to class? If you're just entering a college or university, you'll see people from so many walks of life. You'll also see that they probably don't care a whole lot about fashion--unless you're attending a school in a big city or a specific kind of school. I went to Arizona State University for four years, one of the largest schools in the country, and w[...]
true rest az review

Altered States: My Sensory Deprivation Tank Review

Let me preface this by saying: I am really, really good at stress. While I find meditation, yoga, and what have you really interesting (and have read my fair share of books on the matters), I Β have a hard time establishing any sort of routine. While surely one day I might be able to wake up and smell the roses, for now (sadly) Β it's surfing groupon for deals which I can spend the remaining rations of[...]