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October 2013

Hero Worship: 1950s London Teddy Girls

Teddy boys, you might have heard of them: a 50s subculture in London where young men would dress like Edwardian dandy meets American rock n' roller. This was pretty big across the pond, but didn't share the same fate in America. The lesser known Teddy girls were definitely not as prevalent in the British media, until photographer Ken Russell was introduced to one of London's girl gangs. These were work[...]

Liz’s List of Best Straightening Products

Ok, before we begin, I just want to say that I am in no way an expert, and not jocking any brand--this is all personal experience from someone with brush-breakingly thick curly hair who often wants the opposite type hair. I definitely do not flat iron that much these days, and when I do I make that ish last for DAYS.   So here it is, the best straightening products, thus far: This is[...]
STCHD | Stuff I'm Loving 2013

Stuff I’m Loving October 6-12

Ahava Witch Hazel Hand CreamΒ  Witch hazel (which I often use as a toner) does not smell nearly as good as this stuff. This natural hand cream boasts no parabens or pthalate in it, so you won't feel like you're slathering on scented uranium. Warning: the smell is addicting, and people may think you are a crazy person.   No Joy's Wait to Pleasure While I wasn't immediately hooked on[...]