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November 2013

Must-Read Comix Pt. 1

I recently got into the works of Michigan-basedย Megan comix writer: Rose Gedris, aka Rosalarian. Not only is she a woman in comics, she's also a multi-talented performer and openly queer!! Some of her ridiculously relatable and lolzy comics include Meaty Yogurt, Lesbians from Outerspace, and Eat Me--I should note that many of these are NSFW. I would love to take a vacation into the mind of Yumi[...]

pandora red beads the movie is mainly responsible

Will avatar computer games hurt impressionable young Pandora Sale minds There are reports of the film avatar exacerbating feelings of depression in those who already suffer from the sickness.A mother in romania went so far as to blame her daughter suicide on knowing the movie.Cnn has reported on a group"Yellowish"Feeling that audiences experienced after seeing the imaginary planet of pandora, and then[...]