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December 2014

Work that Weather: Winter Looks for Women

While in your bedroom you may be snuggled up in double XL hoodies and fuzzy socks, that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to hibernate too. Here are some of my favorite winter looks so far: I love this skirt so much, especially paired with those fun magenta heels. Just add a peacoat and you're set for holiday parties or world domination. She is wearing: Hot Pink Miu Miu Bag Black Siren Londo[...]

Aya Sato and Bambi: Style That Slays

You've probably seen that video of those two ladies voguging/tutting and essentially blowing up the collective minds of the planet. If not see video below: These two are not just dream dance partners, they are real life partners as well! Not too long ago the couple announced their engagement--tell me that's not the cutest shit you've ever heard, TELL ME[...]