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What To Do After A Successful Marriage Proposal

It is without a doubt one of the happiest times of any young man’s life is when he has made the proposal on one knee and she said “yes.” A feeling of elation must surely follow. He got the answer he was looking for and when the excitement dies down, he might be feeling a little emotionally drained. Then it is time to think about future plans and if you as the man have just popped the question, he[...]

3 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party

Ten years ago, taking a photo with your phone wasn’t a great idea. Even if your phone could capture an image, it would be blurry and out of focus. But in recent years, smartphone cameras got better and better, and fewer people carry around digital cameras anymore. It seems unnecessary in an era where most of us have perfectly a good camera in our pocket or purse. And yet, photo booth rentals are d[...]

Planning a Group Tour of Los Angeles Movie History

Los Angeles is home of the silver screen and there is always plenty to do when visiting. The popular city in southern California is known for its many spots that have been featured in top films and television shows. The next time you visit Los Angeles, make sure to plan a tour of some of the hottest movie history spots. Getting Started One of the best ways to catch a glimpse of these movie spots[...]

How to Save Money on Coffee

You work hard to keep yourself afloat financially. You get to work on time (well, most of the time, anyway), and you work long hours. You put away money and you're careful about what you spend on most things. And to have the energy to do all of this, you rely a bit on your coffee habit. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Coffee is a wonderful drink, and there are plenty of us who wouldn't b[...]

The Various Types of Jigs Used When Fishing

Jigging is a very popular fishing method and the jig, or lure, can be made from many different materials, including rubber and metal. The jig can be brightly coloured, which might make the lure all the more attractive to a fish and the angler tries to make the jig mimic a bait fish as it moves through the water. The jig will have at least one hook set somewhere on the body, while others have treble hoo[...]

A Tour of Atlantic City for Visitors

When planning a weekend getaway with friends or family, it’s important to find a place ahead of time that provides no opportunity for boredom. Few places can provide such an experience the way Atlantic City, New Jersey, can. While this city is best known for being the Las Vegas of the East Coast, plenty of other activities are available for everyone to have a good time. Whether it’s working on y[...]

Interior colour trends for 2019

With the New Year rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to have a fresh start in your home and explore some new colour trends! Colour can be temperamental and not every shade will work with every space, for example small areas tend to suit light and bright colours. But, not to worry AS the three new colour schemes of 2019 will give you some inspiration! Grey with lilac undertones Grey has[...]

Design your space with purpose

Ralph Caplan a pioneer at defining 'design', who was initially an outsider to the design world, has become a leading voice over the years. While his work mainly focuses on the academics of design, he's a prominent figure for anyone to admire even if it's as simple as redesigning your kitchen, living room or closet. Designing your space with a purpose might sound simple and straightforward, but it re[...]

5 tips to create the perfect spa-style bathroom

There really is no need to splash the cash, spending a fortune on boutique hotels or health retreats, when you can enjoy all the benefits of a spa without venturing beyond your front door. Modern life is hectic and there’s no getting away from the fact that we spend much of our time commuting, stuck in traffic or waiting for that train or bus to turn up. Therefore, those precious few moments we ge[...]