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7 Better Things To Pay For Than A Wedding

So, you’re at that age where you’re watching all of your friends and acquaintances throw big, lavish weddings with 4500 of their closest friends. You’re not really ready to get on the marriage train right now (or ever, honestly), and besides – do you know how many things that wedding money could pay for? Let’s take a look at 7 better things to pay for than a wedding.   Buy A Ho[...]

Recovering from a bad date: 10 easy steps

Dating is hard and unfortunately, most dates are going to end badly. But don’t let those bad dates discourage you! Here are 10 ways to help you get back on the dating train and recover from a bad date.   Time First, give yourself time to recover! There is no need to rush into anything. Take the time to evaluate what happened, what went wrong and how you can improve the next date![...]

Top Tips For Picking Your Wedding Jewellery

When it comes to planning a wedding, many different decisions need to be made, and with so many things to decide on, there are often matters which get overlooked, such as the jewellery that the bride is going to wear on her special day. Choosing the correct jewellery can make a wedding outfit, so it is something that you should take your time considering before you decide what you are going to wear. Be[...]

10 Crazy Challenges to do with Friends

Many new cuffuffles are trending on internet for challenging friends on various types of acts. These pastimes dares are fun to experience and are mostly carried out with family and friends. There are end number of challenges getting viral nowadays among the young people. But while trying these dares with family members, one has to be little careful. Some of these challenges are at times silly, risky, a[...]

Holiday Wrapping Tips

With the holidays brings presents and that means you could spend a good amount of your time trying to wrap everything perfectly. I am no Martha Stewart, but I have become pretty good at wrapping presents and so can you with these helpful tips! Wrap presents early This is something I have down pat. Always try to wrap your presents early so you don’t have to rush through them right before Christmas[...]

The beauty industry is of course an enormous worldwide powerhouse

The beauty industry is of course an enormous worldwide powerhouse, but where did makeup, hair products and beauty regimes come from?  Why do we spend hours in front of mirrors before venturing out? It certainly isn’t evolution, it is of course adaptation within our social environment. For example, in ancient times, thin people may be seen as unattractive and even sickly. In England and much of th[...]

Finding the Best Beauty Deals

We all need to feel good about ourselves and aside from the obvious family, friends and general wellbeing, looking good tends to make us feel good.  We generally are concerned with at our hair, our body shape, complexion and of course on a more granular level, our eyes, our makeup and skin colour etc. When back from a holiday abroad and showing off fresh and bronzed skin, there tends to be a confid[...]

How To Locate The Best Wedding Venue In Autumn

Autumn is a stunning and popular month for many when planning a wedding. With nature in full bloom in stunning shades of oranges and browns, there’s plenty that can be done when planning the special day. Another awesome benefit to tying the knot in spring is that you will spend less than if you are, say, having your wedding in summer. You will get a stunning atmosphere without the rain (in general[...]

Weddings through time

With the world around us changing at an alarming pace, there are few things that seem to stay resolute through time. You’d think that wedding traditions would be rather steadfast, right? After all, even in 2018, we’re still following the age-old traditions: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. White dresses and a ring on the left hand…but are wedding trends really so[...]