A Girl’s Dream: Salon Quality Nails at Home

Like most girls, I love painted nails. But I hated that anytime I would do them at home, they would chip the very next day. Plus, it took so long for them to dry! I started to go to the nail salon and fell in love with the gel nails. You don’t have to wait for them to dry and they last for like 3 weeks. It does take some time for them to do the nails and it was becoming pretty expensive. I was spe[...]

My Updated Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

It's almost summer in Arizona, which means if we're not careful, we're all going to turn into lizard people. I for one, do not wish to resemble a slouchy leather bag in 10 years, so it's time to be seriously mindful of sun exposure and skin care. Although I have my inconsistent days where I go to sleep with makeup on, or touch my face too much--there have been many things that have helped keep my co[...]

Liz’s List of Best Straightening Products

Ok, before we begin, I just want to say that I am in no way an expert, and not jocking any brand--this is all personal experience from someone with brush-breakingly thick curly hair who often wants the opposite type hair. I definitely do not flat iron that much these days, and when I do I make that ish last for DAYS.   So here it is, the best straightening products, thus far: This is[...]

Marc Jacobs Makeup Released Today at Sephora!

The highly anticipated Marc Jacobs makeup line was released today at Sephora! The fashion designer released 122 different products from foundation to nail polish and "boy tested, girl approved" products marketed to both sexes. Sephora did a product preview in late July and ended up selling out of all the Marc Jacobs products in a matter of hours.  Jacobs is not a fan of subdued, natural colors, so[...]
makeup at costco

Costco’s Beauty’s Most Wanted Program

Costco, also known as: where to buy large quantities of things you don' t really need. I know I don't need 5 huge bags of pop chips, I know I don't need to buy these things, but it's cheap and it's awesome. If you live with roommates or a family, it can be a godsend to get that cheap toilet paper and a dollar-fifty hot dog. Costco's beauty's most wanted program comes in the wake of many high-end desig[...]

KeraGreen Review

To kick off this KeraGreen review: everyone who doesn't have curly hair thinks it's the world's biggest blessing. On the contrary, curls are the bane of our existence for many of us poofy heads. While I've embraced my thick messy hair for most of my short years on this planet, there comes a time when you need to change things up, so naturally, I committed hair rebellion: I started flat ironing my man[...]

Coconut Oil Benefits

There's a lot to be said about coconut oil benefits, because there are so many uses, you'll want to get a jar for your kitchen and your bathroom and your desk and--I could go on. Okay, first things first, a lot of moisturizers and soaps have mineral oil in them, what's so bad about mineral oil? Well, if the phrase "by-product of petroleum" doesn't scare you, then consider that the skin does not abs[...]

The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

Having lopsided or smeared eyeliner seems to be a precursor to how the rest of my day goes, sooner than later everything else just ends up a disaster. It's like your life turns into one of those melodramatic infomercials where you just keep spilling coffee on your white blouse. Basically, eyeliner can be an entirely frustrating ordeal. From the price, to the application, to raccoon eyes--it's not[...]

Jordana Mascara: You’re Cheap Secret Weapon

I hate to admit--no, I love to admit that my favorite mascara is $2.99 at the drug store. Jordana mascara delivers just like the pricey ones, at a fraction of the price. As much as I usually take the high-end route when it comes to what I put on my face, my wallet is smaller than my wishlist. So, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? There's been a whole lot of noise about this di[...]