Marc Jacobs Makeup Released Today at Sephora!

The highly anticipated Marc Jacobs makeup line was released today at Sephora! The fashion designer released 122 different products from foundation to nail polish and "boy tested, girl approved" products marketed to both sexes. Sephora did a product preview in late July and ended up selling out of all the Marc Jacobs products in a matter of hours.  Jacobs is not a fan of subdued, natural colors, so[...]

Real Talk: Kelly Rowland’s Dirty Laundry

Why am I even talking about Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry? First, I think top 40 is great--in that it's so far gone from anything with substance or talent, that it's pretty much just laughable at this point. It does the job when you're looking for new neon bustiers at Forever 21 or at some sloppy bachelorette party. There's obviously a time and a place for it--well, to me at least. I just love how popu[...]

Inspired by the Past: Steve McQueen Style

The simple and refined look of Steve McQueen style has a timeless quality to it. Few other candidates can make sporting a neutral turtleneck look as stately, let alone flattering. We’re huge advocates of taking a page out of the McQueen book of style. McQueen’s classic appearance is anchored in quiet elegance, a certain simplicity that allowed the details to create a moderate presentation. In[...]

Fashion Inspiration: Stevie Nicks

The Fleetwood Mac gang is set to do a reunion tour in 2013, complete with gypsy witch front woman, Stevie Nicks. Regardless of their current musical talent, I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say I would love to sing along to "Landslide" or "Dreams" with the real live get up. Love her or hate her, she had an iconic style, looking like some sort of witchy forest-dwelling yodeler, who o[...]