How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

When you wear your jewellery on a day-to-day basis, it doesn’t take long for debris and dust to gather in those hard to reach places. There are many old wives’ tales regarding the best way to make a diamond sparkle, and how to clean rings in particular. Solitaire diamonds are often worn as engagement rings and are therefore worn every day – with these, it’s important to clean your diamond prope[...]

The Perfect Interview Outfit — A Graduate Guide

It’s super stressful when you’re an upcoming graduate. Juggling late nights at the library for revision, spending hours meeting that 10,000-word target for your dissertation, and trying to find a job to walk into after graduation can get a bit too much. Not to mention that part-time job and trying to have some sort of a social life. When you eventually get invited to an interview, they are often wi[...]

The Special Memories Behind a Charm Bracelet

Many of us have a piece of jewelry that we hold dear to our heart. One of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry is the charm bracelet. It is the perfect piece to show off your personality while also keeping special memories close. There are a number of different charm bracelet styles to choose from, so you will always be able to find one that suits your style. On top of that, there are even more typ[...]

5 Basic Style Tips On How to Dress Classy with Your Lingerie

The right choice of lingerie can make you look elegant and classy. The right choice of lingerie can also enhance your sex appeal and make you more confident. Style is the way you carry yourself. You can flaunt your inner-wear with your dress and look oh so stylish. Fashion trends do change with time, but the way you style your lingerie says a lot about your personality. Here are 5 basic style tips on h[...]

What Should You Wear for the Airport?

Planning on going on holiday? Once your packing’s done and you know everything’s in check, you only have one more thing to think about: the airport outfit. Did you consider that what you wear to the airport can impact your commute? From feeling on-trend for drinks at the airport lounge to feeling comfy on a long flight, this SS18-inspired fashion guide — put together by men’s fashion retaile[...]

Guest Dressing: What to Wear to Attend a Wedding in 2018

You’ve received your invitation, and sent your response, but now it’s time for the hard part — choosing the perfect outfit. Getting an outfit that’s appropriate for a wedding but also on-trend can be difficult, so how can you do it? Read on as we explore the latest SS18 trends and how to integrate what’s hot into your wardrobe for a summertime wedding. Colour and prints It can be hard to de[...]

Why You Should Have Several Pairs Of Elevator Shoes For Men

Shoes that make you taller have become the bottom-line to success for men in all areas of their lives. Whether you want to be successful in the workplace, in sports or even social places, the first step is getting the right elevator shoes. While no person is perfect, you will be surprised to realize that the society demands that you be perfect. What this implies is that people who are lacking in hei[...]