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Living with Limb Loss: What Amputees Can Expect During the First Six Months Post-Surgery

Undergoing an amputation can be a fraught experience. It is frequently emotionally devastating, especially when the amputation is unexpected. Though the operation itself is the result of extreme need, it’s surprisingly not uncommon in the United States. Nearly two million individuals live with limb loss, and every year there are roughly 185,000 additional amputation operations performed. Whether the[...]

Top Online Casino Games to Play

Online casinos are a ton of fun. They are a convenient and easy way to try your luck at winning big. Or, you have the option at most of these casinos to play for free to at least get a feel for what you are playing. If you are new to the gambling world, it might be quite overwhelming with all of the different types of games to play. But these happen to be our top 3 favorite online games. Blackjack[...]

7 Better Things To Pay For Than A Wedding

So, you’re at that age where you’re watching all of your friends and acquaintances throw big, lavish weddings with 4500 of their closest friends. You’re not really ready to get on the marriage train right now (or ever, honestly), and besides – do you know how many things that wedding money could pay for? Let’s take a look at 7 better things to pay for than a wedding.   Buy A Ho[...]

Holiday Wrapping Tips

With the holidays brings presents and that means you could spend a good amount of your time trying to wrap everything perfectly. I am no Martha Stewart, but I have become pretty good at wrapping presents and so can you with these helpful tips! Wrap presents early This is something I have down pat. Always try to wrap your presents early so you don’t have to rush through them right before Christmas[...]

Top kitchen gadgets and tools for vegetarian or vegan lifestyle

There is no doubt that we are all becoming much more aware of the impact we have on the environment, and making better choices in the things we buy and how much we waste. We want to know that our products and food comes from good sustainable sources. But what about the food we choose to eat? It is not news that the meat and dairy industries require a vast amount of resources in production. Far, far[...]

5 questions to ask your new dental practice

It is important to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums whether you are young, old or somewhere along the journey in-between. If you are considering switching your dental practice, you need to make sure you are picking a dental clinic with a good reputation. Here are some of the best questions that you need to ask to make sure that your dentist is the best you can find in your area! What sort[...]

The Long History of Pipe Tobacco

There are so many types of tobacco and pipes to choose from now days, especially top brands like Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco. But what exactly is the history behind pipe tobacco and where did it start? Did you know that smoking tobacco has come from many traditions from Native Americans. It has also been a strong part of their culture and was used mainly for ceremonial purposes. In fact, smoking tobacco[...]

Will Away Anxiety with CBD

Americans, are facing some sobering truths nowadays, especially when it comes to the state of our mental health. Officials at the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) have estimated that “nearly one in five US adults lives with a mental illness (44.7 million circa 2016).” According to the NIMH researchers, two broad categories are often used to describe the spectrum of conditions: Any Mental[...]

Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Drugs

No one ever wants to believe their child could ever become an addict, but the harsh truth is that anyone can become one. Teens go through a lot and must deal with constant peer pressure from their friends. It’s common for them to be surrounded by drugs and alcohol when they’re hanging out with friends at parties, any social gathering, and even at school. There’s no escaping drugs because they’r[...]