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How to Throw an Epic Bucks Party in Sydney

So, a member of your crew is getting married soon. The feeling is nostalgic – it almost feels that you are losing a mate. To this end, tradition demands an epic send-away party: a Bucks party. Throwing the ultimate Bucks party in Sydney entails more than just having a bottle of beer in your hands. It involves choosing the perfect venue, actually planning the party, and, of course, getting some lad[...]

Staying social while quitting smoking

If you consider yourself a social smoker, quitting smoking can bring another problem to contend with — how do you keep going to your usual social gatherings without caving to a craving to smoke? It’s a genuine concern, as old habits are often ingrained in our environment. So, how do you go about quitting smoking without quitting your social life? Ties between smoking and alcohol Did you know t[...]

The Various Types of Jigs Used When Fishing

Jigging is a very popular fishing method and the jig, or lure, can be made from many different materials, including rubber and metal. The jig can be brightly coloured, which might make the lure all the more attractive to a fish and the angler tries to make the jig mimic a bait fish as it moves through the water. The jig will have at least one hook set somewhere on the body, while others have treble hoo[...]

Why I love Bullet Journals!

I love to be organized and I usually do this by making lists…I make so many lists! So, when I heard about bullet journals, I had to learn more and I am glad that I did. Bullet journals seem to be the latest trend hitting Pinterest. But what exactly are bullet journals? A bullet journal is a combination of recorded memories from the past, lists that organize the present and plans for the future. Th[...]

Ways to Replace Domestic Chemicals Found Around Your Home

The effects of chemicals in the home and the garden have become a topic of discussion in the news recently, so much so that there are proposals to ban some of them in the years to come due to how they interfere with air pollution. Domestic chemicals can be detrimental to our well-being too, though a lot of the time we may not even notice we’re using items that contain them. In one study, for insta[...]

Cost Saving Tips on Constructing a House

Building a house from scratch is not an easy process. It requires patience, research, long nights and sometimes a few compromises here and there. Budget is unfortunately the first thing to be compromised. Whether you are managing a construction project or building your dream house, losing track of your finances is more likely than you think. With the help of professional contractors at AFS General Cont[...]

Top 6 Relaxing Sports You Should Try Today

The benefits of sports are endless, from maintaining a healthy body and losing weight to improving sleep habits and enhancing concentration. However, a growing number of people have been resorting to sports to find relaxation, clear their minds and get away from their stressful daily routines. Here we have a list of top 6 relaxing sports you should start today: Running People who love and practice ru[...]

Making Savings to Better Your Lifestyle

When our wages are deposited into our banks, the first thing we want to do is spend it — thinking with our hearts and not with our heads! Making New Year’s resolutions can often be disastrous, with 80% of people failing by February and regretting it instantly — have you managed to keep yours up? One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on spending, and although this sounds a[...]

Women Should Propose Marriage

Over on, there's a great web video series titled Put A Ring On It. In the video, a team of experts help a dude plot, plan, and execute a romantic marriage proposal. I don't want to give away the proposal idea this soon-to-be groom pulls off, but it's both mushy and straight-up pimp. The main host is a lovely woman by the name of Diana Falzone. I sure would like to get to meet her one day.[...]