The STCHD Guide to Designer Pronunciation

There's a lot of labels out there with really...colorful names. Many of the designers and  fashion houses are French and Italian--which is great, it makes for beautiful names, but sometimes, people aren't too sure how you're supposed to say it. Here is our no-frills guide to fashion designer pronunciation some of the trickier names, send us an email if we missed some you'd like to know! A Abaeté[...]

Thrifting Tips: Part One.

Thrifting Tips - I grew up deal-hunting as a means of necessity as a kid, so finding things that I can work with is basically second nature to me at this point. It’s not always that simple though, and depending on where you live, thrift stores can vary with quality.Some people aren’t really into the whole thrifting thing either; the smells, 80’s hits, and customers can be off-putting. It is surel[...]