Simple Ways to Pay for Your Vacation

It’s getting to that time when we all need a holiday. Apparently Mauritius with it’s crisp white sands and amazing sea has been voted the best holiday destination. But trips there don’t come cheap. Neither do awesome trips to Thailand for food, sights and endless beaches. Or holidays with the gods on the beautiful island of Cyprus while playing on Slots sites like:[...]

Looking to Catch Some Live Music in Louisville? 9 Spots to Check Out During Your Stay

If you’re trekking through Kentucky, you have to stop in the Derby City. Seriously. The number of things to do and see is staggering, especially if you’ve been road-tripping and are looking for somewhere to rest your legs. Listen: Louisville represents a true best of both worlds for out of towners. Kentucky’s natural beauty speaks for itself, as does its epic state park system and endless a[...]

Europe’s Most Scenic Drives

Looking to take a drive? There are a number of scenic drives you can take across the world, but some of the best call Europe home. I recently ran across a terrific eBook from Kwik Fit that takes you through the journey of some of Europe’s most scenic drives. Here are some of my favorites! Route One, Iceland Imagine driving along and catching a glimpse of erupting geysers, volcanos, lava fields,[...]

From Miami to Ibiza: 10 Places to Add to Your Girls Holiday Bucket List

Lots of us look forward to a holiday in the sun with our girlfriends and for many, it’s an annual tradition. You might think that you’ve already found the perfect destination — maybe it’s the place that you visit year after year. But, there is a host of cities and beaches out there that are ideal for a holiday with your best friends. Together with QUIZ, fashion retailers of summer essentials su[...]

Temples to Visit on Your Spiritual Vacation

If you are looking to take a spiritual journey on your next vacation, there are breathtaking temples across the world to visit. Temples are sacred sites and full of fascinating history. The next time you take a vacation, make sure to add these magnificent temples to your sightseeing list. Guruvayoor Temple Located in India, this Hindu Temple is one of the most ancient temples in the country and i[...]

Saving For Your Next Adventure

In your life certain events will arrive that will cost a lot of money - buying a new car or a house, getting married, sending your children to college, the list goes on and on. When these events come up, the temptation is to cover the cost with credit - in fact, American credit debt is now over $930 billion! There is an alternative - plan well and stick to a budget so you can cover the cost of a large[...]

Traveling Pitfalls to Avoid

The tourist industry is a very profitable one and a lot of people around the world rely on the income from tourism to live. However, the tourist industry has its dark side as well. There are many people who try to exploit the unwitting tourists and take their money. Some of these scams and cons are easy to spot and people are used to them. However, some others are more insidious and you may fall for i[...]

Top Tropical Beach Destinations for a Summer Getaway

Summertime is the perfect time to take that much needed vaca. These gorgeous beaches are some of the best spots to drink a cocktail by the ocean while burying your toes in the sand and soaking up the sunshine. Gold Coast in Barbados This is a popular celebrity spot on the west coast of the stunning island of Barbados. Complete with nearby lavish resorts that feature large villas and penthouses fo[...]

Prepping for Summer Vaca

Summer is right around the corner and that means it is time for fun in the sun with an epic vacation. Whether you are traveling near or far, we got what you need to be prepared for a relaxing summer vacation. Important documents and power Passports, itineraries, medical information, money and phone chargers are all important items your need to make sure you have with you on your trip and especial[...]