An Unfiltered Tradition: Wedding Photography

Thanks to smartphones and the popularity of photo-sharing apps like Instagram, everyone is becoming an aspiring photographer! Snaps of food, landscapes, and of course, the ever-abundant selfie are flooding our social media, and with the improving camera capabilities of smartphones, the quality is rising too. But there's one area of photography that smartphones have not yet invaded - wedding photogra[...]

Pick Your Palette: Fall-Winter 2018 Wedding Color Trends

Fall and Winter 2018 are fast approaching. If you’re planning your wedding for the upcoming season, you need to know about the trendiest color palettes this year. Picking a color palette is an essential part of planning the overall theme and style of your wedding. The colors you use in your ceremony will also influence your choices for your bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s outfits and many ot[...]

The Biggest Wedding Trends in 2018

New ideas for weddings seem to pop up every year. Many of today’s hottest trends are thought up and created by wedding vendors, floral designers, and wedding planners. So if you plan to organize your wedding on your own, you could potentially miss out on information about valuable current trends happening today. If you’re just starting out with the planning, it may be that your focus is elsewher[...]

Women Should Propose Marriage

Over on, there's a great web video series titled Put A Ring On It. In the video, a team of experts help a dude plot, plan, and execute a romantic marriage proposal. I don't want to give away the proposal idea this soon-to-be groom pulls off, but it's both mushy and straight-up pimp. The main host is a lovely woman by the name of Diana Falzone. I sure would like to get to meet her one day.[...]

Guest Dressing: What to Wear to Attend a Wedding in 2018

You’ve received your invitation, and sent your response, but now it’s time for the hard part — choosing the perfect outfit. Getting an outfit that’s appropriate for a wedding but also on-trend can be difficult, so how can you do it? Read on as we explore the latest SS18 trends and how to integrate what’s hot into your wardrobe for a summertime wedding. Colour and prints It can be hard to de[...]

Your Guide to Wedding Season

Wedding season is just about upon us and the sooner you start planning, the better. Weddings are supposed to be fun, not stressful. So whether you are planning a wedding, are in a wedding or just attending a wedding, we got you covered with these tips for prepping for the best season of all, wedding season! Attending a Wedding First things first, make sure you RSVP! It is easy to do when you get[...]

Keys to Choosing the Ideal Wedding Dress

When starting to  plan a wedding and one of the first things we want to solve is the design of the wedding dress. We dream it from the time we are girls, imagine it, until it is time to bring it to reality. We want to be divine, elegant, timeless yet to be comfortable and leave all attendees speechless (and of course the groom). Where to start? What is used? In an already stressful time a bride is[...]