The Man Bun Epidemicโ€ฆIs It Over Yet?

The newest trend for men, known as the man bun, has taken the nation by storm. From yogis to celebrities, this hairdo canโ€™t be missed. The man bun will go down in history next to the mullet and the rattail as one of the weirdest men haircuts. Personally, I am not a fan at all. In case you donโ€™t know much about this hairdo, I came across a website dedicated to all you need to know about the man b[...]
elmo onesie

Uncomfortable: Weird Kids Show Clothing for Adults

I'm addicted to Adventure Time. It all started when I had to babysit a royal monster in 2010, who had the TV going 27/7 . It was the only thread of amicability we had, as he was pretty much the epitome of Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" song, and I was the humble shit-cleaner-upper--we could sit and laugh together, if only for a half-hour time slot. Fast-forward to 2013, I am now in my mid-20's and[...]