Good Reads

Books. There’s a quote by John Waters that reads “We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck them.” I think that’s a fair sentiment. Books teach you a lot about the world, inspire you, change you, scare you, and make your day. There’s something really whimsical and special about owning a variety of literature, and nothing beats[...]

Big Fancy Ring

Sometimes you get to the point where you feel like you're naked without a ring on. I am at that point. I love picking up peculiar and pretty rings that can add just the right amount of umf to my outfit. Rings can be a conversation piece too, without anyone creepily inspecting your neck or pulling your hair back to look at what you have in your earlobes. You don't have to be engaged to flaunt a big[...]

Makeup Remover

You know the feeling: intoxicated, exhausted, and craving the worst grease-soaked dismal diner food you can imagine. You just want to fall on your bed and sleep until next year, but you still have a face full of makeup on, which leads you to a nagging feeling as soon as you make your way under the covers. Why? Because you know your skin is going to hate you in the morning, along with the rest of yo[...]

White Dress Shirt

You'll have a hard time not finding a white button down dress shirt on any "must have" closet list. There are a million ways you can wear this cotton top, from pairing it with dress pants and a blazer for work or some cigarette jeans and a smoking jacket for a more casual look. There's also the chance that you'll have to wear a white dress shirt as part of some bogus family photo or if you want to[...]

Tea Tree Oil

Now, everyone out there has different skin: oily, mixed, dry, sensitive--there's no way I can possibly generalize what I think works for everyone. When I first started using tea tree oil, it was after googling "what's in makeup"--which was a stupid decision because now I read the labels of everything and it scares me--I learned that I want to keep the toxic goop on my face to a minimum. I have c[...]

Healthy Lips

There's a lot more that goes into having a pretty pout than just apply chap stick every now and then. With every aspect of your body, taking care of the whole thing should be your number one priority, but it doesn't hurt to take some of these tips for healthy lips into consideration: 1. Leave your lips alone! Licking your lips might be sexy, feel nice and  moisturizing--but after the saliva eva[...]

Eyeliner Pencil

There's a million different types of eyeliner you can get nowadays, but there will always be room at the top for an old fashion eyeliner pencil. Why? Well, it doesn't take up too much space, it can look fine with just rudimentary skill, and it can easily supplement a liquid line. Pencil eyeliner can also dual as an eyebrow pencil too, if the color suits you, and pencil eyeliner is easily blended to cre[...]


Cardigans! What isn't to love about cardigans? They're versatile, you can easily layer them, they're usually cozy as all hell, and there's that killer 90's pop band The Cardigans--remember this little number? Whoa, this video isn't 100% Suitable for work, oddly enough. What else is weird? This song is almost twenty years old...yeah, try not to think abou[...]

Classic Pumps

I get why some people don't wear heels, if you think about the very concept of them, it makes you feel kind of weird: people walking on a stick of wood, propped up, almost on their tippy toes. Ok, before you go about having some sort of existential crisis about your wardrobe, some people are totally cool with this and can probably run faster than me in a pair of 6" Louboutins. Classic pumps are one of[...]