Little Black Dress

LBD. This is always on every “must” list, despite the redundancy, it’s really a good thing to own though. Black is slimming, sexy, and it can go with pretty much anything, so if you’re gonna buy one nice dress this year, make it black.

hepburn's black dress

Where it all began.

Jackets, tights, and jewelry can take this piece to the next level, so feel free to accessories yourself accordingly. Date night, work, weekends: you can pretty much keep this on for a week and look totally fresh, even though you might smell a little funky. When you buy your dress, make sure you’re comfortable in it, even your side profile. If you’re convincing yourself you need to lose or gain weight to look good in it, pass. Avoid overly trendy styles if you’re looking to invest in something go with a more classic silhouette (remember when looking like a garbage bag poof was a thing?).

Little black dress essential