The Walking Dead: My Thoughts on Glenn


***Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this season of The Walking Dead, please go watch it and then come back and read!***

Season 6 has already taken Walking Dead fans on a wild ride and we haven’t even reached the mid-season finale. First, the wolves are extremely terrifying and I was shocked to see them cause so much damage so early on in the season. But thankfully Alexandria has Carol, who is a badass, enough said about that. But most importantly, Glenn is not dead, he just can’t be!


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Steven Yeun plays Glenn Rhee and his character has been on the show since the start. Glenn is a former pizza delivery boy who saves Rick Grimes in Atlanta when he is stuck in the tank surrounded by zombies at the beginning of Season 1. His character has evolved so much from that episode and he also found the love of his life, Maggie.

Maggie and Glenn have a sweet relationship and Walking Dead fans love them together. But Maggie received news that Glenn is missing on last night’s episode and now we all have to wait and see what is going to happen.

Maggie & Glenn

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Just a couple of episodes ago, Glenn gets into some trouble with Nicholas. They get stuck on a dumpster surrounded by walkers. Nicholas can’t handle it so he ends up killing himself and falling on Glenn, which makes them fall to the ground in the middle of the zombies. The last you see of Glenn is zombie surrounding him and eating the insides, of what I hope is Nicholas and not Glenn.

I am pretty torn on what happened to Glenn. I want to believe he is still alive, but there are some signs that I just cannot ignore. First, in the episode where Glenn might have been killed, he calls Rick dumbass over the radio. He did this in Season 1 when he first communicates with Rick in the tank. In the same episode, he also pulls out the watch Hershel gave him a few seasons back and has a moment with it.

After the episode, on The Talking Dead, they didn’t say much, but Yeun was not on the show and they usually have the character that dies on the show following the episode. He was also not mentioned in the memory segment of people who died in the episode. However, showrunner Scott Gimple did release the following statement that evening:

“In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts Glenn again, either in flashback, or current story, to help complete the story.”

Wait…parts of Glenn? Some version of Glenn? Well we did just find out last night that Maggie is pregnant. So that could mean another version of him. Or maybe he will come back as a walker? Gimple’s statement really didn’t make me believe that Glenn is still alive, but there are so many mixed signals, it is hard to know! Plus, Yeun’s name has not been in the beginning credits of the show. But, Carol’s credits were removed when she was lost in the prison a few seasons back.


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In the comic book, Glenn dies after finding out his wife is pregnant. I think Glenn knows Maggie is pregnant based on the conversation they had before he left. Also, a villain named Negan with a baseball bat in the comics kills Glenn. The show doesn’t always follow the comics, but I know Yeun has said that it is such a pivotal moment in the comics when Glenn is killed, that he will probably go out someway similar in the show.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Unfortunately, I think it could be even a couple more weeks until we know. Fans have already been waiting 2 weeks to found out the fate of Glenn, so it is getting really hard to sit around and wait. What do you think happened to Glenn? I would love to hear your thoughts!