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July 2015


First the Man Bun, Now the Dad Bod, When Will It End?

There is a new trend out there known as the dad bod. You know, the Leonardo Dicaprio look with the beer belly hanging out. The dad bod has been said to be a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. But I don’t think there is anything nice about it. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the dad bod. GQ had an article about how women love the dad bod. They also said that the beach bod is ou[...]
Gronk & Ortiz

The Worst Commercials Starring Football Players

Football stars can earn a lot of endorsements. And that means a lot of commercials. There are some football players who are actually very funny and nailed their commercials, like Aaron Rodgers and Larry Fitzgerald. (Stay tuned for my list of the best commercials starring athletes) But of course there are still a handful of athletes that try to be funny and just fail miserably. Maybe they should stick t[...]
Jennifer Lawrence goofy

I Have a Girl Crush on Jennifer Lawrence

One of my favorite actresses at the moment is the beautiful and goofy Jennifer Lawrence. The star just seems so down to earth and hasn’t let fame go to her head. She is absolutely hilarious and is constantly doing something that makes her even more awesome. In 2012, the stunning actress became the 2nd youngest actress to win an Oscar for Best Actress her role in Silver Linings Playbook. She has st[...]
Kitten Star

Kittens Take Over Baseball in Hallmark’s Paw Star Game

The Hallmark Channel has taken Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl to a whole new level. Hallmark has their own super bowl, but with kittens, known as the Kitten Bowl. But they don’t stop there, this past weekend the Hallmark Channel hosted The Paw Star Game, in honor of MLB All-Star Weekend. Who doesn’t love kittens and baseball? Two teams, North Shore Bengals and the Mystery Meercats, faced off i[...]
Rick TWD

Is It October Yet? New Walking Dead Trailer Previews Intense New Season

We all have been (patiently?) waiting for The Walking Dead to return on October 11th. But now after seeing the trailer for Season 6, we are all dying for October to come. The trailer was released at San Diego Comic Con on Friday and I can’t stop watching it! Check it out. Of course the season 5 finale left us with questions, but after watching the trailer, I have so many more questions! Are Ri[...]

Top 5 Animal Commercials of 2015

I love animals and nothing steals my heart more than a cute puppy or kitty. I think it is brilliant when companies use animals in their commercials. Who doesn’t love to see adorable animals? Every year, great animal commercials come out, but this year I have really seen some of the best yet. Here is my list of the top 5 animal commercials from 2015. (The year isn’t even over yet; I can’t wait to[...]

My Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products

It is so important to have the best beauty products to always look and feel your best. You always have to be mindful of what you are using on your skin. I have spent years searching for the perfect beauty products and I finally found them. These are my favorites that I cannot live without! Mascara I am sure you are saying, duh, we all have mascara. But do you have good mascara? There really i[...]

Athletes Bare It All for Annual Body Issue

It is not surprising that ESPN The Magazine’s annual Body Issue is full of gorgeous athletes. Every year since 2009, the magazine releases this issue that features photos of nude and semi-nude athletes from all different sports. From basketball players to surfers to swimmers, they all have been featured in the Body Issue. The issue still includes regular sports coverage, which is awesome, but[...]

Take a Bite Out of Shark Week

I have a love/hate relationship with sharks. I think they are very interesting and incredible creatures, but I am also terrified of them. It all started in 1st grade when I watched the movie Jaws. Bad idea. I didn’t swim in a POOL by myself until I was like 15-years-old. Since growing up, a little, I have found more of an appreciation for sharks. But don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t want to be[...]