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KeraGreen Review

To kick off this KeraGreen review: everyone who doesn't have curly hair thinks it's the world's biggest blessing. On the contrary, curls are the bane of our existence for many of us poofy heads. While I've embraced my thick messy hair for most of my short years on this planet, there comes a time when you need to change things up, so naturally, I committed hair rebellion: I started flat ironing my man[...]

Coconut Oil Benefits

There's a lot to be said about coconut oil benefits, because there are so many uses, you'll want to get a jar for your kitchen and your bathroom and your desk and--I could go on. Okay, first things first, a lot of moisturizers and soaps have mineral oil in them, what's so bad about mineral oil? Well, if the phrase "by-product of petroleum" doesn't scare you, then consider that the skin does not abs[...]