Daily Wear or Special Occasion? Selecting Shapewear for Different Needs

Nowadays, shapewear has become indispensable in many wardrobes, as it offers a quick solution to achieve a smoother silhouette and of course, because it enhances the confidence of the wearer too. To be able to select the right shapewear for daily wear or even special occasions can make a significant difference in effectiveness and comfort.  It’s quite crucial to understand these differences[...]

5 Different Types of Perfume You Should Try

Did you know that fragrances are as important to first impressions as the clothes we wear? Fragrances can make or break a first date. They can give you the confidence to push through a difficult presentation at work. If you want to amplify your fashion game, then it's vital to know the different types of perfume on the market. We've put together an easy guide that'll help you understand all t[...]

What You Should Know Before You Get A Wax?

We are going, to be honest here that waxing takes a lot of courage and it is not an easy thing to get done on your body. It can be a very scary thing for you if you have never gotten it done on your body before and you might be very scared to try it out for the first time and that is why you are reading this article today.  But let us tell you that you can easily conquer your fears and it[...]

3 Types of Tests a Cosmetic Product Must Pass to be Approved in the EU

Rigorous testing is one of the most critical parts of the registration process that products must undergo to be approved into the EU. If you're trying to release cosmetics products to sell, you are required to pass all three test categories for approval. This keeps quality control high, proves that you are compliant with all regulations and that your product is safe to use for the indefinite future.[...]

Clip-In Bangs 10

As you probably know, a hair bang is the front portion, or the fringe, complete with wisps of hair on either side of the fringe. You can buy human hair bangs of the same colour as your hair, and with a little trim, you can transform your look.  If your hair is parted down the centre, you might not have much hair on the sides, or you might wish to have a flat fringe across your forehead. In suc[...]

Tips on how to gorgeously create Smokey eyes

The fall is fast approaching, which means it’s the right time to have some fun with boldly looking eyes inspired by the beauty of autumn. We are going to demonstrate how to come up with a great Smokey eyes. The super pigmentation is the best part of these colors, which makes it long-lasting. If you are ready for the fall, embrace its beauty by trying out this stellar look. You will realize th[...]

Summer Care for Your Hair

The summer is here and you may be putting your hair through more than usual. From laying out in the sun, to swimming in chlorine filled pools, and even getting sunscreen in your hair and sweating from the heat, your hair needs a reboot. But it is ok! There are things you can do to help keep your hair in tip top shape and turn that dull hair into glowing hair and those stringy curls into luscious curls[...]

The Beauty of Cannabis Cosmetics

For some time now, the health benefits of cannabis are being realized, and for certain conditions, it offers the best treatment. This has reached a point where pharmaceutical drugs are simply outmatched. Conditions such as epilepsy are a good example where cannabis-based solutions are the best. It is not just medicine where cannabis-based products are becoming noteworthy. Cosmetics ar[...]

How to Easily Switch to Organic Beauty Products

One of the hottest trends right now in the world of beauty is switching to organic products. If you’re considering making the switch yourself, this can be an excellent option for your health and doing something good for the planet. However, it can also be overwhelming. There are a lot of products available, and you may be wondering where to start. Should you begin with an organic foundation or somet[...]