Tips on how to gorgeously create Smokey eyes

The fall is fast approaching, which means it’s the right time to have some fun with boldly looking eyes inspired by the beauty of autumn. We are going to demonstrate how to come up with a great Smokey eyes.

The super pigmentation is the best part of these colors, which makes it long-lasting. If you are ready for the fall, embrace its beauty by trying out this stellar look. You will realize that you are drawing all the attention within a short time. “Best ways to apply eyeshadow,” is among the top ten searches on the internet today, meaning that there are many people out there trying to achieve this kind of look. If you are among them, then you are in the right place. 

Here are some steps to making your eyes look gorgeous by Mary Maddison, blogger from

  • Highlight your eyes

Start by using the number seven eye shadow brush to apply the lightest shade of color in the pallet, mostly on the top left. Apply if gently along the inner part of your brow bone and eye. The highlight will make your eye look lively and more awake. 

Considering you will be working with different shades, especially darker ones. The highlight brings out your eyes in a very open way. You are also able to blend the highlights to the middle of the eyes without destroying the outlook.

  • Make the crease darker.

Using the number ten blending brush, take the coppery color and blend it out gently along the creases of your eyes. You need to ensure that you blend the shades from the corner of the eye and into the crease. Carefully do it in a way that it will not look like a bad paint job. Please do not overdo it.

  • Add sparkles

After darkening the creases, you need to add some sparkles to enhance the look. Using the gold color on the top right of the pallet, apply it similar to how you did the highlight. Use the number eight medium angle brush to add the sparkles. It will create an excellent subtle shimmer that will not overpower the copper highlight. Similar to the highlights, you could let it extend to the middle of the eye. It is the best way to brighten your look.

  • Make it Smoky

At this stage, you go a notch higher. Using the darkest shade at the bottom right of the pallet, apply it on the outer end of your eyes. Also, do the same shade below your eye while using the number 12 little eye shader brush. Since the pallet has some powerful pigments, you will not need too much shade on the brush as you apply. A simple brush stroke on the cot should be enough to give you the best smoky look.

  • Wing it out

Using the certified natural brown eye pencil, create a captivating eyeliner wing. You can also use the black shade depending on your skin tone and the initial highlights. The brown color gives you a soft look and is the color that most specialists recommend. However, if you want to look bold, you can use the black color. A simple wing as compared to a huge one is better. For some people, the eyeliner wing is not their preference. They can line their eyelids close to the eyelash line and halt at the outer corner of their eyes. Eyeliners often make the eyes pop and bring out an enhanced definition of the eyes.

  • Add mascara

Mascara completes the look of your smoky eyes. You can use the certified Lola Lash organic mascara for a better look. The Lola Lash in a must-have mascara that will ensure that you achieve fall-inspired Smokey eye beauty. It will boost the length and volume of your eyelashes. You should apply one or two coats of the Lola lash mascara both on the lower and the upper lashes. If you are not a mascara person and would like to tone down a bit, you can choose to skip applying the mascara to the bottom lashes.

  • Lips

You can also use your other facial feature to bring out the look. Wearing a fitting lipstick could complement your smoky eyes. The shade Naturelle of the natural lipstick pencil is the ideal product to use. It gives the lips a nude outlook that helps in balancing out the boldness of the eyes. The lipstick will, for sure, make your eyes stand out without removing any accessories from your lips.


The smoky eye is a classic definition of modern beauty. When you apply and blend the best share of eyeshadow, you can transform a regular look into a magnificent expression of beauty. The right creativity with eye makeup could give an illusion of your eyes looking more significant as well as popping out. However, you need expert skills to be able to realize the best smoky eye look. The above tips will guide you to creating the perfect looking smoky eye and save you time in the process. Try them out and relish the impact you look will have on other people during the fall.