5 Different Types of Perfume You Should Try

Did you know that fragrances are as important to first impressions as the clothes we wear? Fragrances can make or break a first date. They can give you the confidence to push through a difficult presentation at work.

If you want to amplify your fashion game, then it’s vital to know the different types of perfume on the market. We’ve put together an easy guide that’ll help you understand all the nuances of the types of perfume that always make a good impression.

Check it out down below!

1. Floral

When it comes to types of perfume scents, nothing is as classic as floral-based perfumes. Jasmine, rose, cherry blossoms, and lilies star in a lot of these perfumes.

Flowers are soft, feminine, and romantic. Many floral scents are subtle but others can be intense. They work well in many situations because they’re so versatile.

If you love walking through a flower garden, then you need to try floral perfumes!

2. Woody

When you wear a woods-inspired perfume, you give off a certain sense of strength. Much like the robust sandalwoods or redwoods, you’ll feel more powerful and in control. Nothing much will sway you because you’re rooted in your own confidence.

There’s nothing quite like pulling out a 200ml spray of a woody perfume when you need a boost!

3. Sweet

If you’ve ever walked past a bakery and breathed in deep, then you’ll want to turn your attention towards sweet types of perfume smells.

These perfumes focus on scents such as vanilla, honey, and even chocolate. They bring a sense of indulgence to your outfit that you can’t achieve any other way.

It’s the perfect way to treat yourself on a night out with your friends.

4. Spiced

Notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and pink pepper are only the beginning when it comes to spicy perfumes. These warm tones bring a sultry finish to any outfit and help you feel confident with every step. You’ll give off a sense of mystery to those around you as they try to figure out the scent.

The best part is that a spicy women’s perfume lasts a long time, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing off in the middle of the day.

5. Citrus

Nothing smells as fresh or invigorating as the smell of citrus fruits. Citrus perfumes show off your bright personality in all the right ways.

These perfumes are zingy, flirty, and attention-grabbing. They’re also a lot of fun to match with a funky outfit.

Nothing gives you a boost of energy as much as a citrus perfume!

Knowing All the Types of Perfume Inspires Better Fashion

If you’re ever looking to ramp up your fashion game, look no further than these types of perfume. Each type elevates your wardrobe into something stunning.

Perfume gives you all the room to play with your fashion style. Easily turn a casual outfit into a spicy ensemble or turn a work suit into an outfit that keeps you energized!

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