Quick Four Reason Why You Should Smile More Today


Happens to the best of us, you are stuck looking at your screen and it’s Wednesday and you woke up late for work or class or both. The infamous “hump” day is most often than not, a tough one to get through, but we are bringing to you a little inspiration cause everyone needs to be reminded sometimes of why flashing a smile will make you look way better and feel way better too!

1.Pump up your immune system.

Smiling and its relaxing qualities help rev up your immune system. Smile more to ward off colds and stay healthy.

2.Reduce your pain.

The release of your feel-good neurotransmitters that come from a real, to-your-eyes smile acts as a natural painkiller.

3. Live longer.

Studies have proved that you can add up to seven more years to your life by smiling often. Who doesn’t want that?

4. Be an activist for happiness.

Your smile can lighten the mood of any situation your find yourself in and has the power to lift the mood of those who see your friendly expression. Bring more happiness to the world–greet everyone with a smile!