Reclaim your home after a summer of family wear and tear


The kids are finally back to school and we’re all starting to get into that school year routine. To my joy, the house is quiet during those morning and afternoon hours. However, I’ve found my house is still hurting from the chaos of the kids being home for the summer.

My house became the hangout for all my kids and their friends this summer, and my home really paid the price. Now that they’re all back to school, I really want to get my house back on track–organized and sparkling clean. I found some great tips on how to rehab you house after summer break and find a designer living room furniture. I am also looking into a helpful property refurbishment company to help out!


Unnecessary objects really pile up over summer break. This clutter is just taking up space, so have everyone in the family fill up a bag of stuff they can get rid of. Free your home of all papers, clothes, toys and everything else you don’t use regularly.

Organize the school supplies

Nothing is more frustrating than the clutter on the kitchen table that comes along with the kids being back in school. To solve this supply-pile problem, come up with a designated homework area that isn’t the kitchen table. Find old school supplies from last year that can be used again (to avoid adding unnecessary clutter), and store all their current supplies in the new homework hub.

Create a calendar

A family calendar always keeps my family more organized. With so much going on, it’s important to know what everyone events and activities family members have every day. Heave everyone in the family contribute and make sure they add in all of their activities. Have fun with this process and create one with everyone’s sports, parties, study dates and more.

Clean, scrub and sanitize

Clean your house from top to bottom–from your carpet and upholstery to your appliances. With so much wear, tear, dust, and pollen accumulating over the summer, it’s a good idea to cleanse thoroughly. You also never know what kind of bugs and critters have been tracked in from shoes, travel bags and out of town guests. Even if you don’t see any signs of obvious pests, let a professional inspect for possible infestations. If you live in the Michigan area, contact for help!

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