The Ultimate Guide to Comfortable Clothing

The best clothes have the ability to make you feel confident without sacrificing comfort. In the last two years, the workforce shifted in and out of the office. Some professionals work remotely several times a week, while others are working from home full-time. For a lot of working adults in the United States, gone are the days of putting on a suit and tie or getting dressed on the job. But many others are returning back to the office in what’s being referred to as the “new normal.” After spending months in matching sweatsuits and forgoing high heels, it’s only natural to want to opt for comfortable clothing nowadays. If you’re prioritizing comfort and ease when it comes to dressing up every day, here’s the ultimate guide to comfortable clothing.

Comfort starts with choosing the right fabric.


When you’re choosing clothes to add to your wardrobe, you’ll want to look at the fabric first. Buying polyester may be less expensive, but the fabric will likely feel scratchy on your skin, and it won’t last as long. When you’re out shopping, make sure that you aren’t hyper-focused on the cut or color of the piece. Take a closer look at how it feels. Is the fabric thin or see-through? Is it made of natural materials like linen or cotton? Choosing a better fabric not only means that it’ll last longer, but also that it’ll be a lot more comfortable to the touch.

Wear supportive footwear even if you’re not on your feet all day.


Your feet have the responsibility of carrying you through your day. So, it’s best that you don’t neglect them. If you own shoes that you love but they aren’t comfortable, then you’ll want to look into some arch support insoles. Insoles are shoe inserts that can help relieve foot pain by providing arch support. These can also provide your footwear with more shock absorption. Regardless of whether you have a high arch or a low arch, you’ll want to make sure that you care for your feet. Developing problems in your feet can easily translate to pain in other parts of the body like your knees, hips, and back. An arch support insole is a great way to ensure that your arches are functioning efficiently while you’re on the go.

Do a sit test.


Whether you’re shopping online or in person, it’s always a good idea to try on clothes before committing to them. For example, if you’re trying on a pair of petite black jeans, you’ll want to do a sit test in order to see if they have enough comfort stretch. In a situation where you’ll be wearing the jeans all day, you’ll be glad to know that they don’t ride up or dip too low. It’s also a great way to ensure that they don’t feel too tight on your body while you’re sitting down. When you plan outfits, you typically take into account what you’re going to be doing that day. And if you have clothing items in your closet that don’t offer you much flexibility, then you’re probably less likely to reach for them. Plus, clothes fit differently when you’re sitting versus when you’re standing. So, it’s important to take this into account.

Your best bet is to shop for pieces that are classic and timeless. Make sure to examine both the look and the feel of the fabric when you’re shopping. Don’t neglect your feet when it comes to comfort. And do a sit test whenever you’re considering a new addition to your wardrobe. At the end of the day, clothing is all about feeling confident and showing off your personal style.