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5 Different Types of Perfume You Should Try

Did you know that fragrances are as important to first impressions as the clothes we wear? Fragrances can make or break a first date. They can give you the confidence to push through a difficult presentation at work. If you want to amplify your fashion game, then it's vital to know the different types of perfume on the market. We've put together an easy guide that'll help you understand all t[...]

Beyonce killed it last night at the VMA’s and now everyone is irrelevant

All hail Queen Bee! We don’t know how she manages to out do herself every single year but she most certainly does. An event like the usually VMA’s calls for a night filled with talent, fashion and excitement but what we got yesterday was a night that had us feeling proud to be part of this generation. Despite melting when Drake presented Rihanna with her Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and s[...]

Work that Weather: Winter Looks for Women

While in your bedroom you may be snuggled up in double XL hoodies and fuzzy socks, that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to hibernate too. Here are some of my favorite winter looks so far: I love this skirt so much, especially paired with those fun magenta heels. Just add a peacoat and you're set for holiday parties or world domination. She is wearing: Hot Pink Miu Miu Bag Black Siren Londo[...]

My Updated Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

It's almost summer in Arizona, which means if we're not careful, we're all going to turn into lizard people. I for one, do not wish to resemble a slouchy leather bag in 10 years, so it's time to be seriously mindful of sun exposure and skin care. Although I have my inconsistent days where I go to sleep with makeup on, or touch my face too much--there have been many things that have helped keep my co[...]
damn, it feels good to be a grandma

Aging? Hell Yes: Dispelling the “O” Word

How the hell is men's aging synonymous with fine wine? What does that make us? Stale beer? I, like many, have been concerned with getting older for a while now. I get about 5 inches away from my mirror and monitor the fine lines that accumulate around my eyes and inspect the roots of my hair for signs of grey. For the first time in my life, I've been paying attention to the ads that promise anti-agin[...]
bona drag store

Favorite Online Boutique: Bona Drag

First off, I wanted to apologize for my absence--it's been a bit of a busy few months with work and life--you know how it goes. I wanted to gush about this online store that I have been all about lately (not that I can afford ANYTHING) but just GETS ME. Seriously. Slightly goth girl, with a bit of bohemian, and burlesque star: there's a whole lot of awesome going on.   C[...]