Seven Simple Steps on How To Fight Summer Heat

During the summer, temperatures rise and the heat can turn into a nightmare; It is indispensable to take measures to be able to relieve it and not suffer a heat stroke or dehydrate us.  Both inside and outside the home, we must carry out some actions that will help us reduce the heat and make the warm days more bearable.  1. The heat affects the entire population, but not all equally. There ar[...]

The Five Most Common Mistakes After Giving Birth

Lack of time and misinformation can lead to counterproductive activities and exercises The body changes during pregnancy and with the arrival of the baby, the mother (and almost all her needs) goes into the background. In fact it is quite common for mom to forget herself and not have time for anything. Showering and washing your hair will already be an achievement for the first few days and weeks, and[...]

Plastic Surgery Disasters

Most celebrities are blessed with natural beauty. But too often, stars destroy their beautiful looks with plastic surgery. These women have tried to make themselves look better by going under the knife one too many times. The sad part is, they look awful now, when they were absolutely stunning before. Janice Dickinson, 60 The former model was stunning when she became a star in the 1970s and 1[...]

First the Man Bun, Now the Dad Bod, When Will It End?

There is a new trend out there known as the dad bod. You know, the Leonardo Dicaprio look with the beer belly hanging out. The dad bod has been said to be a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. But I don’t think there is anything nice about it. Needless to say, I am not a fan of the dad bod. GQ had an article about how women love the dad bod. They also said that the beach bod is ou[...]
Gronk & Ortiz

The Worst Commercials Starring Football Players

Football stars can earn a lot of endorsements. And that means a lot of commercials. There are some football players who are actually very funny and nailed their commercials, like Aaron Rodgers and Larry Fitzgerald. (Stay tuned for my list of the best commercials starring athletes) But of course there are still a handful of athletes that try to be funny and just fail miserably. Maybe they should stick t[...]
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Uncomfortable: Weird Kids Show Clothing for Adults

I'm addicted to Adventure Time. It all started when I had to babysit a royal monster in 2010, who had the TV going 27/7 . It was the only thread of amicability we had, as he was pretty much the epitome of Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" song, and I was the humble shit-cleaner-upper--we could sit and laugh together, if only for a half-hour time slot. Fast-forward to 2013, I am now in my mid-20's and[...]