A Guide To Filming From A Helicopter

If you are looking to book a helicopter tour of Sydney, this is a wonderful opportunity to get some professional film footage. The pilots are usually very familiar with filming techniques, as many professional videographers hire a chopper to obtain awesome footage. Here are a few basic tips to ensure that your footage is of a professional level when filming from a helicopter. Book your Trip wit[...]

5 Tools Every Freelance Writer Needs in Their Toolkit

You Need More Than A Word Processor to Be a Freelance Writer -- Learn About Mail Merge, the Best Editing Tools, and more. Many writers grow up hearing that they need to get a “real” job because writing won’t pay their bills, but today that simply isn’t true. Strong writers are in high demand, and there are countless opportunities for writers to make a living as a freelance writer or to tur[...]

Driving Safely Even While on Vacation

When on your travels, you might be thinking about renting a car or even try to lease a mazda. Just make sure that the next time you are driving on vacation, that you are driving safely and avoiding some of the top driving distractions out there. Don’t Eat and Drive Did you know that almost one-third of people admit to eating while driving? This is something I never really understood. When I eat[...]

The Various Types of Jigs Used When Fishing

Jigging is a very popular fishing method and the jig, or lure, can be made from many different materials, including rubber and metal. The jig can be brightly coloured, which might make the lure all the more attractive to a fish and the angler tries to make the jig mimic a bait fish as it moves through the water. The jig will have at least one hook set somewhere on the body, while others have treble hoo[...]

Why I love Bullet Journals!

I love to be organized and I usually do this by making lists…I make so many lists! So, when I heard about bullet journals, I had to learn more and I am glad that I did. Bullet journals seem to be the latest trend hitting Pinterest. But what exactly are bullet journals? A bullet journal is a combination of recorded memories from the past, lists that organize the present and plans for the future. Th[...]

4 Home Improvement Upgrades That’ll Make Your House Look Amazing

Maybe you’ve neglected your home and now it needs some maintenance and care. You’ve taken a look around your space and decided that it was time for a fresh start and some renovations. Whatever the reason you may have for repairing or altering the current state of your home, here are four home improvement upgrades to make your house look amazing. Refresh the Interior of Your House By Redoing the Wa[...]

Modern Living: 9 Amazing Home Appliances You Should Have

Whether you are moving to a new house or remodeling an outdated one and you are looking for a modern style, then you need to invest in the latest home appliances. The markets are brimming with them, with different prices and qualities. Most of them are devices you will use once or twice and then they will be stored away and forgotten. Here, however, we have a list of 9 amazing appliances you should hav[...]

A Definitive Guide to Rip Currents & Safety

Rip currents are strong channels of water that move offshore. Usually, they extend from the beach, through the surf zone and past the line of breaking waves. Rip currents can be dangerous, even deadly. In fact, they account for around 80 percent of beach rescues. While most commonly associated with the ocean shore, rip currents can form anywhere there are breaking waves. This includes large, inland[...]

Start Living Healthier With These Small Steps

Everyone wants to live healthier but not many people are ready to do what’s necessary to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Many steps to becoming healthy seem tough, tedious, and time-consuming. Even if you don’t call yourself lazy, the majority of your willpower is probably aimed at work, studies, children, and other important matters. A healthy lifestyle is usually on the backburner. What if we to[...]