Modern Living: 9 Amazing Home Appliances You Should Have

Whether you are moving to a new house or remodeling an outdated one and you are looking for a modern style, then you need to invest in the latest home appliances. The markets are brimming with them, with different prices and qualities. Most of them are devices you will use once or twice and then they will be stored away and forgotten. Here, however, we have a list of 9 amazing appliances you should have in your home for a modern touch as well as their functional uses:

Water Filter

If you do not use a water filter in your kitchen, then that needs to be rectified. Water filters will provide you with clean, healthy, better tasting and smelling water 24/7. They also cost less than depending solely on bottled water for drinking and cooking. Most importantly, water filters remove lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium and giardia from your tap water, saving you from bacteria and gastrointestinal disease.

Coffee/Espresso Maker

If you are a coffee addict, first, do not be ashamed because most of us are. Secondly, you must despise the taste of generic instant coffee brands. The answer to your troubles is a state of the art coffee maker. Yes, they can be pricey but just imagine waking up and preparing yourself a fresh cup of espresso everyday. I know, totally worth it. They also look really sleek and add a modern touch to your kitchen and make your life much easier.

Garbage Disposal

Some might deem this device redundant but it is actually really useful in our everyday lives. It is also great for the environment and your family. So, basically a garbage disposal is a device that is installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap. Its job is to shred food waste into small parts that can pass through plumbing. It also gets rid of the bad odor that the garbage causes, reduces your need for plastic bags, helps turn food waste into a source of renewable energy and it is easy to clean. Keeping your home green, clean and smelling fresh will be much easier.


No matter how much people claim that washing dishes can be therapeutic, it takes way too much time that can be spent doing something that is actually therapeutic, like art, cooking or even yoga. Dishwashers are also eco-friendly as they spend way less water than the traditional method. A specialist from appliance repair in Florida, Orlando advises you to maintain your dishwasher by simply cleaning the spray arm, the float switch, and valve screen on a regular basis. That would ensure that these parts are free from build up and debris, which will help your dishwasher to run more efficiently and prevent backups and damage to it.

Slow Cooker

If you dream about coming home to find a fresh hot meal waiting for you to dive into, then you need a slow cooker in your life. They are also great for multi tasking and saving time, if you have a busy schedule. Just make sure your slow cooker comes with a timer, sear function, user-friendly controls, food warming feature and automatic warning option. Additionally, slow cookers spend less electricity than an oven. The internet is also full of slow cooker recipes for all tastes and preferences, so you do not have to worry about that either.


A humidifier is a must-have-device in your house, if you or a family member suffer from seasonal allergies or eczema. Some doctors actually recommend using humidifiers as they raise the humidity level, which in turn prevents the movement of germs in the air, preventing the spread of many illnesses, such as influenza. Using a humidifier is also great for moisturizing your skin, especially if you have a dry one, as it provides a humidity to dry climates. As for people who breathe through their nose, a humidifier will help you sleep easier and decrease your snoring. Additionally, even your furniture will benefit from the humidifier because it will prevent the dry air from drying and cracking the wood in it.

Steam Iron

Ironing can be one of the most boring, frustrating and redundant tasks that you face every day. And since going to work in a crumpled shirt is still socially unacceptable, the next best thing is using a steam iron. It takes less time and effort to use than regular irons, in addition to being safer. It might not work with some fabrics, like wool and polyester, but it deals with cotton and linen magically.

Robot Vacuum

Vacuums, they are the dependable machines that help us in case of flour-on-floor emergencies and in our regular cleaning uses. However, a new twist has been added to them that resulted in robot vacuum cleaners. They are cute, functional, quiet, great in getting rid of pet hair and some are even voice controlled. Their price range can vary but the good ones are a bit expensive. They also add a futuristic touch to your modern house.

Home Safe

If you have jewelry, valuables, important documents or firearms lying your house, then you need to get a home safe. Yes, a bank vault is the best choice to securing them but if you want to keep them close to you for regular use or some piece of mind, then a home safe is a good investment. Choosing the best safe depends on your needs and budget. It is important, however, to consider its level of protection, i.e. is the safe fireproof? Water proof? Theft proof? Plus, you must decide if you want it to be portable or wall-mounted. An additional feature to pay attention to is the lock style. Some home safes come with mechanical locks that require periodic maintenance, others come with electronic locks and the best ones come with both types.