5 Gift Ideas She Wants and Needs

Lets be honest, you love her, you appreciate her but when it comes to gifts… you just don’t get her. There is nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours trying to come up with the best present only to find her giving you a forced smile as she gets through the wrapper. This holiday season we’ve got your back, following is a list of gifts that will have her grinning from ear to ear.

Selfie Fan

Yes, you heard us right. Selfie Fan, cause who doesn’t love some Beyonce hair action for added dramatic effect. Can’t and won’t pass up that possibility.


Lumee Case

Another essential when it comes to the selfie game. The perfect selfie is in the angle and the lighting. Lumee gives you different levels of illumination for desired effect.Talk about taking the selfie game to the next level.



Every girl has a thing about the flicker of a candle. If you’re unsure about the scent you should be getting make sure to bring a friend along on the journey to agree on a pleasant smell. When it comes to candles, the bigger the better.

Portable Charger

Why is this such an amazing present? Everyone knows they could use a portable charger, but no ones wants to spend the money on this. So essential yet one of those things that are just a pain in the ass to actually spend money on. Make someones day and get them this essential. (Urban Outfitter has cute selection)


Massage/Spa Day

Studies show that only 34% of people actually pamper themselves to a massage regularly, but 100% wish they did more often. Nothing like the gift  It is important to pamper someone.