What To Wear Under Your Gown for High School Graduation

Your high school years are often spent fretting over test scores and navigating the college admission process. But finally, after four years of hard work, it’s time to celebrate. In a short time, you can walk across the stage, accept your diploma, and prepare for the next stage of your life as an undergraduate.

With everything going on in your college preparations, whether you are headed to your dream school of Yale, Stanford, or anywhere else, it can be hard to remember the little details of your last days as a senior. What are you going to wear to graduation? What will people even be able to see? Follow these steps to find an amazing outfit and the right accessories.

Your shoes are your most important accessory.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see what you are wearing under your graduation gown. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a brand new dress or last year’s fashions as long as your gown is fully zipped up.

However, there are ways to stand out during graduation. The shoes you wear and the jewelry you choose can say a lot about you – along with your hair and makeup. Find a pair of shoes that make you feel confident while keeping your feet comfortable. You will be wearing them for several hours and standing for a significant period of time for photos. Plus, you don’t want to stumble when walking across the stage. Discover where to buy studded heels if you want to find comfortable but fashionable shoes for your high school graduation.

Choose a cute outfit for before and after parties.

Graduation isn’t just about the ceremony; it’s part of a whole day of celebrations. Regardless of your GPA, you made it through 12 grades of education. There will likely be parties before commencement and long after you receive your diploma.

Try to find an outfit that you can wear to multiple parties and that you want to take photos in. Many students unzip their gowns and take photos that show off their dresses and suits after they graduate. Even if you change clothes after the ceremony, you may want to get a picture with your favorite teacher from senior year or the best college advisors who helped you with your applications. This outfit should be professional, semi-formal, and clean. These are the photos you and your family will save and even frame.

Add a little college flair to your outfit.

While seniors are looking to celebrate everything they have accomplished, many students are already looking ahead to the college process. They learn about the scholarship and financial aid processes while meeting with college counselors to plan their schedules. You can use your outfit to show how excited you are for the future.

Whether you were admitted to your dream school or a fallback option, show some pride in your college by showcasing the school colors. For example, look for a dark blue dress if you plan to attend Yale. Wear a purple tie if you are excited to attend NYU.

Don’t be surprised if your family also wants to dress in school colors. They have stood by you every step of the way and are thrilled that you survived your senior year.

Set aside time away from preparing to attend your dream school to celebrate with your fellow seniors. Choose a comfortable outfit that also reflects your personality and your future. Make sure you can walk in your shoes and look for a pair that stands out. You want to feel confident as you walk across the graduation stage and turn from a high school senior to a college freshman. Congrats, grad – here’s to new beginnings!