3 Most Common Signs You’re in a Female Led Relationship

Did you know that 65 percent of women have been in a female dominant or female led relationship? Some women like to have relationships where they’re in control. Some men enjoy relationships where they take a more subordinate role rather than being in a male led relationship.

For a long time, a female dominant relationship described a sort of kink. The term is becoming increasingly mainstream and used to describe a male vs. female led relationship. This could apply to who brings home the majority of the income or it could apply to the person that handles most of the domestic chores around the home.

If you’ve ever wondered about relationship roles within your relationship then you’ve come to the right place to learn more. Keep reading this article to learn about a female dominant relationship and the signs that you’re in one.

What Is a Female Dominant Relationship?

A female dominant relationship is a bit of an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of things. The more contemporary definition describes a relationship between a woman and a man where the woman takes over the dominant role as decision-maker. She is the leader within the relationship.

It usually results in an equal-power or female-led relationship. This is where the traditional relationship roles are flipped. The areas that this affects within the relationship could be anything from the finances of the relationship to the clothes that each person wears. It also affects the chores around the home.

These types of relationships empower women and let them step into a new role as the leader within a healthy relationship. Women who love challenges and new responsibilities thrive in female dominant relationships. Women get the power in the relationship to dominate the man, which is taboo within conservative society.

This is also great because there are many men that love being in a subordinate role rather than being the leader of the relationship. It is a win-win situation for a healthy relationship.

Signs That You’re In a Female Led Relationship

There are certain signs that you’ll see within your relationship that will tell you if you’re in a female dominant relationship. If the woman in the relationship is the primary earner or the sole earner between the two partners then odds are that you’re in a female led relationship.

Another clear sign that you’re in a female dominant relationship is that the man in the relationship takes care of most or all of the domestic chores. These chores are like laundry, cleaning, and doing the dishes. If the woman’s thoughts and feelings are prioritized over the man’s then that is another clear sign of a female led relationship.

Now You Know All About Female Dominant Relationships

Being in a relationship that is female dominant is all about flipping the traditional relationships on their heads. These relationships feature a woman leading the relationship. It comes from a place of power while also being the primary or sole breadwinner. It also features the man in the relationship handling the majority of domestic chores for the good of the household.

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