The Five Most Common Mistakes After Giving Birth

Lack of time and misinformation can lead to counterproductive activities and exercises

The body changes during pregnancy and with the arrival of the baby, the mother (and almost all her needs) goes into the background. In fact it is quite common for mom to forget herself and not have time for anything. Showering and washing your hair will already be an achievement for the first few days and weeks, and I’m not exaggerating!

However, women who used to have healthy habits and play sports right away will begin to feel the pressure of doing some exercise and considering options to regain their figure. But most are thrown into it without any supervision and almost all focus on getting flat and toned belly instead of taking into account their pelvic floor. In addition, when you find time sometimes you invest it in activities harmful to your body that get counterproductive effects.

The first thing you have to do before starting to play sports is to know the state of your pelvic floor (a specialist physiotherapist should evaluate) in order to strengthen this set of muscles that support the bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum. That is why we have consulted a group of experts from the Clinic Vicetto and StopDi√°stasis, who have explained to us what are the 5 most common mistakes that mothers comment after having given birth

Pelvic Floor

1. Forget the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is the “nest” where the baby has grown during pregnancy, being essential the assessment by a specialized physiotherapist to check the state of the muscles, internal tensions and possible scars due to childbirth, whether it has been cesarean section As a natural childbirth, the revision is necessary. The physiotherapist or midwife will evaluate after the quarantine and depending on how the function and coordination between these structures is, will teach the mother to correctly perform Kegel exercises, assess scars and recommend appropriate postures and exercises according to each particular case.

abdominal exercises yoga

2. Doing abdominal exercises

The abdominals are totally unadvisable after giving birth, since the abdomen is unstable the first 6 months by a natural diastasis (separation of the abdominals in the central line of the abdomen) that is the fruit of the growth of the uterus during the pregnancy.

It is advisable to wait for the tissue to adapt slowly, according to the recovery times of the body, and enhance the abdomen without increasing the pressure inside. In this way there are options such as hypopressive exercises guided by a specialist, learn to contract the transverse abdominal muscle that will help recovery.

Woman running

3. Start running too soon

Another common mistake among new moms is the return to the impact exercise a few days after delivery, which is counterproductive, since during pregnancy there is an increase in weight that affects the muscles of the pelvic floor. In addition, the hormonal state provides an excess of tissue relaxation that can cause pelvic floor problems in the long or short term.

Beginning with very strong sports without waiting enough time is a very big effort on the muscles of the abdomen and perineum, causing urine leakage and other associated problems.

Episiotomy or Cesarean Scars

4. Do not Treat Episiotomy or Cesarean Scars

Scars are a different tissue to normal skin and although they are seen on the surface, they generally reach deep planes which generates adhesions and tension in nearby tissues. Episiotomy scars can cause pain by resuming sexual intercourse that can last for years, while caesarean sections destabilize the abdomen and may create a fold that gives the appearance of a false “blister” and in the long term cause problems at the level of the bladder .

It is advisable to receive treatment by a specialized physiotherapist who will inform you of the necessary care so that these scars are fully integrated in our body and give us no problems in the future. In this sense the application of INDIBA provides excellent results in the recovery of scars of all kinds. Apply pure rosehip oil and massage in the area will be some of the keys that we provide the professional.

Chinese Balls

5. Use Chinese Balls

Unfortunately, too much information or advice by non-professionals causes problems in the recovery of the pregnancy in many women. In this case if the pelvic floor is not “trained” will not be able to support the weight of the Chinese balls and will have to make an excessive effort to keep them in place. This can lead to significant problems in women and pain in the perineum.

Specialists recommend to understand the fundamentals to learn to correctly contract the perineal muscles and gradually introduce resistance, being counterproductive to begin with weight without a previous assessment.