Driving Safely Even While on Vacation

When on your travels, you might be thinking about renting a car or even try to lease a mazda. Just make sure that the next time you are driving on vacation, that you are driving safely and avoiding some of the top driving distractions out there.

Don’t Eat and Drive

Did you know that almost one-third of people admit to eating while driving? This is something I never really understood. When I eat, I like to enjoy it and not be busy concentrating on something else, especially something as important as driving. Especially when you are on vacation and don’t know your way around the area, avoid eating while driving. Plus, you want to really enjoy all of the delicious foods on your travels, not eat it on the go!

Don’t Get Carried Away in the Tunes

Of course, there are many times I need to have music on while driving. But that doesn’t mean I turn up the stereo so loud that I can’t hear my surroundings, like sirens. Some types of music are actually calming like classical music, but there are other types that can be quite distracting. In fact, it is reported that heavy metal music might be one of the most distracting types of music. If you are listening to the radio while driving, keep it at a decent volume and don’t get carried away dancing around the car.

Stay Beautiful, Just Not While Driving

Just like any girl, I love my makeup. But I always make sure I do it before I hit the road and add some finishing touches once I get to my destination. I was shocked to learn that 45 percent of women will apply lip gloss while driving. It is always best to concentrate 100 percent on the road and don’t worry about using your hands or looking in the mirror to apply makeup.

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