Finding the Right Golf Jacket

Ideally, every time you played a round of golf, the weather would be sunny and bright. However, this doesn’t always happen. Occasionally, you will be subjected to inclement weather conditions, including cooler temperatures, wind, and rain. That’s when you’ll need the right gear, including golf jackets. There are a few different options you can choose from when it comes to rain gear to play go[...]

Planning the Ultimate Bridal Shower Complete With Gold and White Bridal Shower Invitations

Are you in charge of planning an elegant bridal shower that is a gold and white theme? You can still have a little fun and think outside of the box while sticking to those colors! Invitations Since you have the theme ready, it is time for the invitations! Of course, you have to stick with the theme and go with gold and white bridal shower invitations. Details matter and this a big detail that yo[...]
Reasons why getting off your phone is productive

Six Reasons to Get Off Your Smartphone

Everything is at your fingertips: maps, information, images and instant communication. But despite these potential benefits, constantly checking the mobile phone can end up depriving health and well-being to your daily life. Discover these 6 reasons to reduce the use of your smartphone. Also, always remember that privacy is also very important when using your cell. Click here to learn how you can prote[...]

Seven Simple Steps on How To Fight Summer Heat

During the summer, temperatures rise and the heat can turn into a nightmare; It is indispensable to take measures to be able to relieve it and not suffer a heat stroke or dehydrate us.  Both inside and outside the home, we must carry out some actions that will help us reduce the heat and make the warm days more bearable.  1. The heat affects the entire population, but not all equally. There ar[...]

Five Values a Strong Woman Will Add To Your Life

Watching Giselle go crazy after her husband of 10 years led the Patriots to another Super Bowl win has me in the feels... The couple is never shy to admit how much of a support system they are to each other. Brady dedicated this Superbowl to the ladies in their life including mom, Galynn Patricia Brady who has gone through chemotherapy and radiation throughout the entire season, daughter Viv and wife[...]

Most Heartbreaking Breakups of 2016

 CHLOE GRACË MORETZ AND BROOKLYN BECKHAM Young love is so tumultuous. But fear not, because surely another beautiful teen couple will soon fill the void with Instagrams so adorable that you say “aww” even as they make you feel as old as your grandma. SAMI MIRO AND ZAC EFRON While few women would describe Zac Efron being single as a tragedy, these two were extremely cute[...]

Paris Hilton Reveals Who She Voted For

Hillary Clinton seemed to have nearly every celebrity in her corner during the presidential election. But it looks like Donald Trump had at least one famous backer: family friend and fellow hotel mogul Paris Hilton. Hilton confirmed her vote while promoting her new fragrance on the Australian TV show The Project. She was asked about Trump, who wrote a glowing endorsement of her on the back of h[...]

pandora red beads the movie is mainly responsible

Will avatar computer games hurt impressionable young Pandora Sale minds There are reports of the film avatar exacerbating feelings of depression in those who already suffer from the sickness.A mother in romania went so far as to blame her daughter suicide on knowing the movie.Cnn has reported on a group"Yellowish"Feeling that audiences experienced after seeing the imaginary planet of pandora, and then[...]