Six Reasons to Get Off Your Smartphone

Reasons why getting off your phone is productive

Everything is at your fingertips: maps, information, images and instant communication. But despite these potential benefits, constantly checking the mobile phone can end up depriving health and well-being to your daily life. Discover these 6 reasons to reduce the use of your smartphone. Also, always remember that privacy is also very important when using your cell. Click here to learn how you can protect your privacy on a smartphone while you surf the internet.


Get off your phone to be more creative

It would increase the time available to be creative

Excessive use of the mobile phone would be changing the way we think and would have reduced the amount of time we could spend being creative. This is especially worrying among children: the smartphone would be modifying the way they cope with boredom and would make them less likely to engage in activities that exercise their imagination.

It improves relationships

Whether if be with your parents, your children or your significant other. Constantly checking the phone, instead of paying attention to the people with whom we are, what is known as “phubbing”, would disconnect us from our loved ones. That is, it can make the other feel that we are not really with him or her, damaging the relationship.

Allows  you to focus on the important things

Every minute that you spend submerged in the mobile phone, would reduce the time for relevant aspects of life such as sleeping, being idle, working or enjoying as a family.

productivity increased

Improves Productivity

Contrary to common belief, always being online, “makes us more foolish,” says Matt McWilliams, business counselor and writer, on his personal site. In contrast, being able to enjoy downtime and check the mobile at pre-established times, would allow us to refresh and give time to learn and think, increasing productivity.

Reduce the risks of developing mental health problems

Particularly among teenagers, the use of mobile technology would increase attention, behavior, and self-regulation problems among those who are already at risk for mental health issues, a study published in May this year by Duke University , In North Carolina, USA. In comparison, these negative behaviors would be reduced on the days when they used less of their devices.

Satisfaction with life

The feeling of satisfaction with life increases

After a week without using the Facebook and/or social network, it would significantly improve mental health. A break from the overexposure on information would mean that people would have feel greater well-being and satisfaction with life, as well as feelings of envy dissipating.

If you are concerned about excessive use of your mobile or its effects, consult with a health expert.

And you, when do you prefer to disconnect from your devices?