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Windows cell 8 The third update for windows phone 8 is out and it supports the larger screen sizes that are gaining popularity the so called trend(Plus sees a good chance in these phablets with screen sizes ranging from 5 to 7 inches, claims greg sullivan, senior promoting and advertising manager for windows phone. Samsung popularized the phablet trend with the discharge of its galaxy note in 2011.Nokia is anticipated to announce that it is releasing a windows phone phablet later this month. Most current windows phone update the way for future windows phone devices with 5 and 6 inch touch screens, with the larger display enabling a user in adding more tiles on the start screen, to be able to microsoft. The write for(Which microsof company is not calling phone 8.1 also means Mode, A new feature that limits distractions from announcements on the lock screen while the user is driving, And allows the user to send guaranteed replies to calls and texts, Saying he/she is pulling. Microsoft outlines fridge / freezer in the update in a blog post here. Windows phone has overtaken phones as the world no.3 smartphone os, To be able to research firms Gartner and IDC.And in some currency segments, your latin america region and india, it the absolutely no. Nokia is saying the lumia 928, its newest luxurious windows phone, on monday.The unit, which is to be carried by verizon, will cost $99.99, After a $50 mail in rebate practically a two year contract. His phone, which comes into play either black or white, comes with a 4.5 inch OLED screen with 1280 x 768 rez and an aspect ratio of 15:9.It possesses a great 1.5 GHz dual key, Qualcomm processor chip, Some 8.7 mp camera with Xenon flash, And 32GB of memory. For a tiny time, the phone will also contain a $25 credit for the windows phone store, which microsof company says now has 145, 000 apps and flash free online game. Zdnet has a good pandora black beads compare of the 928 and the lumia 920. It a lively month for nokia lumia line.Additionally to this latest version of a flagship windows phone, nokia is also launching the basic level lumia 521 in wal mart and t mobile stores. The huawei w1 is joining the nokia lumia 521in wal mart line of presumably less costly, no contract windows phone handsets. A huawei w1, known overseas as the ascend w1 and which has been described as a newbie phone, is expected to be presented at wal mart later this month.While neither huawei nor wal mart disclosed the purchase price, the phone use a no contract prepaid plan and be priced the state windows phone blog says, citing a huawei full-Time. That lumia 521, in the, is expected to are offered at wal mart starting on saturday.It iseligible to obtain no contract, $30 per month any number of data and texting plan on t mobile.It sounds like wal mart is pricing it at about $130, using the retailer website. Extensive radio service pandora, as promised yr after, has turned out an app for windows phone. The app provides ad free streaming radio for free through the 2013 season.What’s more, it takes advantage of windows phone live tiles interface by using a live tile that shows what playing and allows users access favorite stations from their start screen. Pandora for windows phone is available here. The windows phone mall, although it still falls behind apple and google app where are pandora store in canada stores in number of apps, has been growing and now has above 130, 000 apps and flash free online game. There been some buzz today about whether which shows end of mainstream support for windows phone 8 means that people who just bought a windows phone 8 device and are tied to a two year contract would end up in need of support.Or will wp8 users to be able to upgrade to the next version of windows phone when it is out? It looks like warriors, based on this file from microsoft: We exclaimed, one good thing about moving to the windows core is that windows phone 8 is upgradeable.Therefore even beyond the updates we committing to distribute for 18 months, windows phone 8 devices is likely to upgrade to the next version of windows phone when it is launched.

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