Love in the Times of Facebook

Intraweb love
For many critics, technology came to destroy the communication between couples but with a little awareness and creativity can be achieved otherwise.
It is not a secret that work schedules consume us and free time is sometimes spent living the lives of others submerged in social networks.
But it is also true that the technology channeled into our personal lives can favor us to make it more organized in our interpersonal relationships and to create a bridge with our partner so that the affective bond becomes stronger despite distance and lack of time.
So to get creative because with just a click we can make the person we love feel that in the middle of our busy day there is always room for them.
Internet love

Here are some tips:

Travel in time:

Our internet search engine is the time machine that can take you to remember happy moments by means of photos of past experiences so that in a moment of hostility by just sending a photo of the two you can get a nostalgic smile that will relieve any unexpected discussion.

Get organized:

Using the calendar in addition to recording our work duties can be a key tool to remind us at certain times of the day to connect with our partner.

Become a retailer again:

Now love messages or a sexy selfie have replaced the arrival of flowers at the door. Prepare your arrival by creating expectation with sensual texts that revive the flame of passion.

Channel your energies:

Program messages of inspiration, concentrate before returning home, look for tips that help you disconnect from work and channel your goals to enter the family environment.


All couples have specific weaknesses, from communication problems, failure to see eye to eye or even sexual incompatibility. With browsers now a days it is easier to find a guide to recover our relationships on the verge of a break.
The imagination and technology of the hand unites hearts. Share your tips and routines where you apply technology in love. There have been plenty of Facebook advertisements for their new dating site, so jump on it!
Love in times of technology