Working on a Plane: Do These Tips Work? Sort Of…


I recently just traveled to South Dakota from Las Vegas. It was a quick flight, a little over two hours. But I wanted to get some work done on the flight so I didn’t have so much to do when I arrived in South Dakota. I recently read some tips on working while flying. So I decided to test these out to see if they really do help.


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Of course making sure that all of your devices are charged before boarding your flight is one of the most helpful tips that work. But that is really a no brainer. I did notice that airports make it easy to charge your electronics while waiting for your flight. It is also smart to bring a back-up battery pack or portable battery. I didn’t need one since my flight was so short, but if I were going to be flying for multiple hours, I would definitely bring one.

I was unable to get a flight with Wi-Fi because not all airlines offer this so it is actually harder to get than you think. But I did make sure that everything I needed off of the Internet was available to me. I did use the Wi-Fi at the airport while I was waiting to board. This is a good idea to do. This way you can double check that you have everything you need to get some work done on the plane when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

The one tip that I was disappointed in was sitting in the exit row. I have to say that I did fly Allegiant Air so I do know they do not have as many accommodations as other airlines. I was able to get the exit row and was excited to have room so I could work on some things. I must admit that there is a lot more room when you sit in the exit row. But I was annoyed to find out that the tray in the exit rows do not come down. I am not sure if it is like this on every plane, but I really didn’t want to put my small laptop on my lap.

So I actually didn’t even get any work done. I was prepared and everything, but in the end, sitting in the exit row actually made it more difficult to do some work. I am curious to see if it is like this on all planes. What have been your experiences sitting in the exit row?