Planning the Ultimate Bridal Shower Complete With Gold and White Bridal Shower Invitations

Are you in charge of planning an elegant bridal shower that is a gold and white theme? You can still have a little fun and think outside of the box while sticking to those colors!


Since you have the theme ready, it is time for the invitations! Of course, you have to stick with the theme and go with gold and white bridal shower invitations. Details matter and this a big detail that you should pay a lot of attention to. The invitation will give an idea of how guests should dress and what they should bring. Not only should you include the important details like the when and the where, but you also need to make the theme apparent and you can do this with the invites. You can still explore other ideas for bridal shower invitations, just make sure to focus on the overall theme.


The décor of the bridal shower is just as important as the invitations. This is where you are going to find plenty of little details that you need to pay attention to. You can get help from friends on ideas and make sure to get plenty of balloons. The desserts is also going to play a big part of not only the décor, but the food. Cupcakes are always a delicious and cute idea. Also, don’t forget to offer fun goodies throughout the shower like a photo booth to help create memories. There are also other fun games you can have. As long as you are sticking to the theme, you can really add a lot of great details to the overall shower.

Putting it All Together

Once you have the theme, invitations and décor sorted out, it is time to put the whole bridal shower together! Make sure to have fun at the party too! After you ensure that everything is in order, sit back, relax and celebrate with the bride to be!