Five Values a Strong Woman Will Add To Your Life

Watching Giselle go crazy after her husband of 10 years led the Patriots to another Super Bowl win has me in the feels... The couple is never shy to admit how much of a support system they are to each other. Brady dedicated this Superbowl to the ladies in their life including mom, Galynn Patricia Brady who has gone through chemotherapy and radiation throughout the entire season, daughter Viv and wife[...]
Mercantile Vintage Phoenix

Talking Vintage with Shauna Thibault of Mercantile

Vintage is one of those buzzwords you can hear everywhere from Ikea to Urban Outfitters to Goodwill. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Shauna Thibault, owner, hairdresser, and stylist at Mercantile Vintage in Downtown Phoenix about the all these old clothes and what makes them so special. LC: So what got you into the vintage clothing and hairdressing realm? ST: I first got my cosmet[...]