Five Values a Strong Woman Will Add To Your Life

Watching Giselle go crazy after her husband of 10 years led the Patriots to another Super Bowl win has me in the feels… The couple is never shy to admit how much of a support system they are to each other. Brady dedicated this Superbowl to the ladies in their life including mom, Galynn Patricia Brady who has gone through chemotherapy and radiation throughout the entire season, daughter Viv and wife Giselle who he claims her strength and mentaility is the rock and foundation to everything he does.

Has us wondering why more men won’t appreciate all the benefits that come with having a hell of a woman when we clearly cause more good than harm.

Below a humble list of just five thing a woman can add to your life..

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I remember dating a woman I thought was “out of my league.” She had her degree, owned a home, and was flourishing in her career. I was transitioning out of the Navy and beginning my path as an Entrepreneur and Author. The transition was a rough time for me and though she didn’t try to purposely make me feel inferior, I did feel things were unbalanced. It seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted out of life and it was so clear that it came off intimidating at times. So I began to study her to pick up on the habits that got her where she was. The quality that stood out most was: Discipline. Each day she made a schedule for herself and she didn’t compromise on meeting her commitments. If it wasn’t worth planning in an advanced for then she wouldn’t put it over the things she truly valued in the long term, and this included time with me. Discipline is often time the biggest factor between being in a position to get what we want out of life or just being forced to settle for whatever life gives us.

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There are so many things to give our attention to these days. Whether it’s sports, social media, politics, video games, or the Netflix series we spend entire days binge watching. Time has never been a more valuable gift than it is now and there’s no secret that being organized can save you a lot of it. We can tune in and out to whatever we want, whenever we want now and it makes staying focused a tough task. I’m one of those guys who sucks at organization, whether it’s the pile of clothes I haven’t folded in my room or the random files that decorate the desktop of my computer. Women, almost instinctively are better organizers than us… (cough… the good ones… cough) and they look for ways to help us in this area. It’s much more helping you optimize than it is dependency or having to “take care of you.”

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Those with the focus to actually attain the desires of their heart are very rare but tremendously successful. I was the guy bouncing from desire to desire. My wants changing as frequently as reality TV show plots… but like most that lack direction and focus, I began getting dizzy. When you have a greater focus, something that fulfills and inspires you the energy you give to things transitions from “wants” or desires, to values. You no longer want what looks best; you evolve to desiring what nourishes you the most. Most of us, men in particular, claim to “want it all” because we’re unsure of what it is we exactly want. We can’t pin point, being indecisive becomes our disease. Through the influence of good women I’ve learned to be very specific about my desires and values. Good women fall in love in the details, their focus remains on quality and purpose before anything else. Focus requires great discipline, and that’s already been mentioned so I’d say I’m at least two for three in my argument so far Mr. “These Hoes Aint Loyal.”

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A woman with “wanderlust” can completely change your life. I grew up in a military family. I went to a total of 14 schools all before college so I learned very early on about the benefits of travel. My freshman year of high school our family lived in Baumholder, Germany. My mom was so passionate about seeing all that we could in Germany and it’s surrounding European countries. I’d only had conversations with Americans up until this point in my life and I didn’t realize how limited that made me as an individual. I grew largely due to my mother’s desire to see and experience new things. Whether it was learning about the various wars in Germany, the theater in London, the culture of Spain and Portugal, or receiving a crash course in economics through the rise of the Euro during my time on the continent. Traveling opened up my world and allowed me the opportunity to be a well rounded individual. I saw places that taught me more about my history, my faith, and myself. Women have been apart of my greatest conversations and connections — both in business and in personal life. See the world with someone beautiful and grow because of it.


Some conversations you just can’t have with your boys. I know that isn’t always a popular message in the era of “bros before hoes” but it’s a true one. Dating has increased my appreciation for those conversations where the words don’t always come out right but the sentiment from the person receiving them just lets you know you aren’t crazy for being the way you are. Good women just have a way of making you feel like everything is going to be okay. I’ve had some of my weakest moments in front of women I care about deeply and in those moments I’ve learned so much about how different and unmatched the care of a loving woman can be. Whether it’s through encouragement, resources, or presence; a good woman is their to be a teammate, not a distraction. If you’re disciplined and consistent, she will support what’s important to you, she will contribute to your vision. If you’re clear about your focus and direction, you won’t have to fight for her loyalty or support. There will be a few who take you for granted on your journey, but this quality will never leave if she’s truly for you. Pursue women whose values align with your own, trust who honors what’s important to you and embrace that teammate.