Uncomfortable: Weird Kids Show Clothing for Adults

elmo onesie

I’m addicted to Adventure Time. It all started when I had to babysit a royal monster in 2010, who had the TV going 27/7 . It was the only thread of amicability we had, as he was pretty much the epitome of Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids” song, and I was the humble shit-cleaner-upper–we could sit and laugh together, if only for a half-hour time slot.

Fast-forward to 2013, I am now in my mid-20’s and I still watch that cartoon at least once a week. It’s so bad that when some of my friends get together, some in their thirties, we chat about AT plots or quotes, like true proper adults.

Now, I’m not one to sport a plush dog backpack or gratuitous merchandise, but I have been on the prowl for some cute Adventure Time shirts or small knickknacks. Which eventually made me realize that: A. People are really REALLY into these shows 2. There is some weird kids show clothes for adults out there.

Point A being: don’t search the tag #AdventureTime on Tumblr or Instagram if you don’t want to see grossly oversexualized and uncomfortable fan fiction pictures. Shudder.

Point B, all this stuff exists:

adventure time fin bra

Finn the Human..bra.

adventure time bikini

Nothing says children pointing at your boobies like an Adventure Time bikini, of course it’s at Hot Topic.


It’s so garish, that I kind of love it, found on Etsy.

mlp dress

And another My Little Pony dress…on etsy.

A Real Man's Hello Kitty Underwear

Hello, wiener.

Oscar The Grouch Crop top ?

Nothing says hot midriff like Oscar the Grouch.

sexy scooby doo

Oh, Halloween. Don’t you just love the costume variances for men and women. Sexy Scooby.

elmo onesie

An Elmo onesie. Pure sex.

sequin hello kitty pasties

Hello Titties.