The Beauty of Cannabis Cosmetics

For some time now, the health benefits of cannabis are being realized, and for certain conditions, it offers the best treatment. This has reached a point where pharmaceutical drugs are simply outmatched. Conditions such as epilepsy are a good example where cannabis-based solutions are the best.

It is not just medicine where cannabis-based products are becoming noteworthy. Cosmetics are also getting a cannabis makeover as it were, and there seems to be substance behind the claims that these products are quite delightful for your skin.

The Science

Skincare works by providing ingredients that your skin absorbs to offer relief from conditions such as eczema, to making your skin feel softer and more radiant and for some, this can offset the appearance of ageing.

To do this, cosmetic manufacturers try to formulate products that contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In CBD, a cannabinoid, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants are present.

This indicates that cannabis does make for viable beauty treatments and provides benefits that ‘standard’ beauty and cosmetic products provide. Like the world of medicine, in some areas, cannabis may supersede them.

When cannabis lotions and creams are applied, they bind to the TRPV-1 receptors in your skin. These receptors tell you when something is making your skin itch, or something is wrong in the form of pain. This is where cannabis works its magic, bringing relief. Some, have cited that CBD based lotions and creams have brought pain relief to joints and parts of the body that have suffered an injury. It all makes sense when you think about it.

Getting your Hands on a Cannabis-Based Cosmetic Product

One issue you may have is that your state has banned products that contain cannabis. Although the regulation and use of cannabis in some states have been relaxed, it works on a state level which means products can’t cross state lines.

As such, you may want to consider growing your own cannabis. It is a rewarding hobby and one that is quite easy to setup. You may need certain equipment which you should be able to find after a few google searches. Try autoflowering seeds online in a search engine to get started.

You should find sites such as Seedsman where you can get all the equipment you need.

The other advantage of growing your own cannabis for beauty products is that you can ensure the whole plant extract is used. This is important as the benefits of the plant are realized holistically. Often, in all beauty products, one ingredient is harnessed. Often it is processed to death, which makes the product pretty useless in terms of providing the skin with goodness, although it might smell nice.

In cannabis, the ‘essential ingredient’ is CBD. This is where the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties tend to reside. That said, as we can see, we need all of the hundreds of cannabinoids contained in a strain of cannabis to get actual benefits into our skin.

For years cannabis has had the image of a drug for stoners. Now, finally, we realize the true benefits of what is a quite remarkable plant.